Malaysians now have another reason to be proud, thanks to Timah whisky by Winepak Corporation.

Timah is the first locally produced award-winning whisky, which won silver medals in the Tasting Awards for the International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC) as well as the Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 (SFWSC). Plus, most recently, Timah whisky won gold for the ‘Best Malaysian Whisky’ award at the International Whisky Competition (IWC) 2021. Interestingly, Malaysian Whisky wasn’t even a category prior to Timah’s entry into the IWC, which makes the win all the more spectacular.

In a statement to the media, Gilbert Yeo, the director of Winepak Corporation Malaysia mentioned that he was “proud and thankful to share that Timah (our award-winning signature whisky), and our other brands have been widely accepted and desired by both local and international markets. The continuous support of our consumers and partners means the world to us, and I look forward to continue receiving the endless support from each and every one of you.”

Named after the Malay word for ‘tin’, Timah recalls the tin mining era of British Malaya, which was one of the earliest types of mining operated in Malaysia. And it also symbolises Captain Speedy, the “face” of the Timah bottle and its brand. The whisky was made to introduce Malaysian made whisky to the globe, as Winepak targets a different set of consumers, driven by varying taste preferences especially within the Asian region. This sees Timah being made available in Singapore, Taiwan, USA and Dubai so far (apart from Malaysia of course) with more countries being added to the list soon.

Carefully crafted using a blend of two aged malts plus a neutral Malaysian spirit, which lends Timah its distinct flavour, that sets it apart from the competition. The components which are brought together by the brand’s master blender, results in Timah’s smoky aroma and flavour profile, which isn’t too harsh on either the nose or the palate. In fact, on the nose, Timah gives off a light, fruity scent that harmoniously combines with its smokiness, with a hint of floral bouquet, which then moves through a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

Personally, we think it is best enjoyed over ice, but don’t let us tell you how to enjoy your drink. Get a bottle of your own, and savour the taste of local whisky.

timah whisky

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Timah Is Malaysia’s Award-Winning, Double Peated Whisky
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