Following its annual ‘Appreciation Grows’ culinary affair, Hennessy X.O enters a new course, setting another milestone with a new experience, designed to evoke an awakening of the senses. Entitled ‘Hennessy X.O Odyssey’, the event showcases Hennessy X.O’s distinct seven tasting notes of complex flavours and rich contours aimed at stimulating, exciting and provoking the most discerning of gourmands.

This year, the voyage utilises the talents of two avant-garde and visionary culinary masters, handpicked by the House of Hennessy to capture the essence of Hennessy X.O in a series of exclusive dinners.  ‘Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2016’ features two renowned chefs, Paris-trained Chef James Won, owner of Enfin by James Won, the only ‘returning’ chef to Hennessy X.O’s gastronomy platform. He is joined by Chef Nurdin Topham from the UK, chef and founder of the 1 Michelin-starred NUR in Hong Kong who also worked for 10 years with Raymond Blanc and at the Nordic Food Lab set up by Rene Redzepi of NOMA. Chef Topham’s repertoire involves field-to-table food, foraged exclusively to deliver the finest, freshest ingredients to the dining experience.

Chef James Won and Chef Nurdin Topham

In presenting ‘Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2016’, both chefs embarked on a joint quest to Sabah, one of the culinary world’s most unexplored territories.

“Sabah’s climate and fertile environment makes it the perfect destination to harvest some of the land and seas’ finest, freshest and purest offerings – an adventurous task as the ingredients selected must perfectly complement Hennessy X.O’s seven highly unique tasting notes,” said Chef Topham.

“‘Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2016’ promises to be a journey of new discoveries and contemporary perspectives to deliver the most novel sensory experience. It will also be a true reflection of the maison’s heritage epitomizing the harmony between nature and craftsmen,” said Melvin Tang, Senior Brand Manager of Hennessy X.O.

Chef James Won says that “’Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2016’ will be a truly unexampled epicurean journey where flavours excite the palate, creating a narrative complete with unexpected twists and turns. It promises to delight the senses with sharp contrasts, deep layers and notes, evoking Hennessy X.O’s hidden facets and intangible sensations as a cascade of flavours.”

After showcasing the experience to invited guests, the same menu is that will commence from October 31st to November 5th for invited guests, the same menu will be made available to the public at Enfin by James Won from November 7th to November 30th.

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