In its latest launch of the Rare Cask Batch No. 1, 2018 Release, The Macallan introduces a new packaging designed to provide consumers with even more insight into the whisky making process, with more detail revealed on this complex spirit.

Rare Cask exemplifies the “art of the cask” and The Macallan’s unrivalled dedication to using only the best quality wood – a process carefully managed from acorn to cask. Only the finest sherry seasoned casks are hand selected by The Macallan whisky makers at the perfect point of maturation, to create this remarkably rich and unique expression.

This process of hand-selecting the casks is highly skilled and complex, requiring a balance of cask knowledge and creativity. Less than 1% of the casks maturing in The Macallan reserves meet the strict criteria for this distinctive whisky and 100% are first fill sherry seasoned oak casks, with the perfect balance of European and American oak delivering rich flavours and a natural mahogany red colour.

“The rarity of Rare Cask lies in the limited number of first fill sherry seasoned casks. This whisky truly exhibits the art of cask selection and the role of our Whisky Making Team to hand-pick the casks for each batch. The casks give the greatest contribution to the character and are the only source of the rich mahogany colour. It is one of The Macallan’s most complex yet balanced whiskies that we’ve created, with soft notes of rich oak, vanilla and chocolate,” said Nick Savage, The Macallan master distiller.

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On the nose, The Macallan Rare Cask Batch No. 1, 2018 Release is a sweet ensemble of apple, lemon and orange, with hints of opulent vanilla and raisin. As you savour the whisky, oak resonates on the palate with a rich, polished and timeless taste, following which vanilla and chocolate, along with a light citrus zest, lead to a full and warming finish. The Macallan Rare Cask is best enjoyed straight or with an ice sphere for a splash of water to release the flavours.

In explaining the taste, Savage shared, “Rare Cask’s flavour has been created to be savoured and shared with those who appreciate a single malt with a rich depth of a complexity and perfect balance. With the release of yearly batches, Rare Cask can also be a memorable way to celebrate or mark a special year or occasion.”

The Macallan Rare Cask Batch No. 1, 2018 Release is presented in a redesigned pack in line with the new bottles recently unveiled across The Macallan’s range of single malt whiskies. The new design features deeper reds and subtly incorporates wood grain to pay tribute to the incredible cask story. A new lighter background inside the pack emphasises the rich mahogany-red whisky and the pack is encased within a premium gift box, featuring a gold badge highlighting the Rare Cask name, as well as the batch number, adding to the element of collectability.

Rare Cask Batch No. 1, 2018 Release is one of three batches to be released this year, with four planned for each subsequent year. Each limited release batch represents the volume of only 50 oak sherry butts.

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