As its name suggests, Shelter in the Woods is something of a foodie’s outpost in the heart of Greenwood (off Bukit Timah). Previously a tavern that specialised in bespoke rums, the restaurant has kept some of the rum-infused favourites but has since switched its focus to moreish French plates.

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Herb-crusted rack of lamb

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A stag trophy hangs on the wall, and a faux fireplace in the centre of the restaurant is decorated with rustic knick-knacks, the kind you find in a French cottage. The casual set-up makes you feel like you’re dining in the home of an old friend.

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Seafood casserole

The menu encourages the concept if sharing and the food mimics the rustic surroundings, often served on wooden boards or in pots. Served in a wholesome crockpot is the very tasty seafood casserole ($39), a soupier variant of the classic bouillabaisse. 

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Pate en croute

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Traditional flame rottiserie

 We’ve heard praises sung about the restaurant’s charcuterie and rottiserie selections prior to visiting and set out to understand why. The charcuterie board ($34) presents foie gras in a variety of classical French styles, including the terrine and en croute (wrapped in pastry). The rottiserie menu is equally extensive, offering everything from a roasted spring chicken ($21.50) to black Angus prime ribs ($148 for sharing between two to three). The highlight is the suckling pig ($35), which was roasted to a golden crackling and succulent perfection. Diets be damned. 

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Selection of pies and tarts made in-house at Shelter in the Woods

Owner Renny Heng, who also runs local-born Wine Culture, doubles up as a sommelier. Diners can expect a sophisticated wine list that is predominantly Old World. 

Shelter in the Woods is located at 22 Greenwood Ave, tel. 6466 6225. This review was originally published in the print version of August Man, January 2015.

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