Coffee in the morning and whisky at night – not only are these the two most popular beverages around the world, but they also have so many similarities, from the meticulous production process to the drinking rituals. Raising the glass for the longstanding tradition and craftsmanship, The Macallan unveiled a new edition of The Harmony Collection – The Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica. For travellers who frequent the airports a lot, you can also find the exclusive Smooth Arabica, available only at the airports.

The Ethiopian Arabica coffee bean is the muse of the collection where The Macallan’s Whisky Maker Steven Bremner enthused that, the whiskies, intensely flavoured, were made to pair with coffee side by side.

“There are many parallels between the approach to creating incomparable whisky and coffee. Each requires unique skills and craftsmanship to achieve depth and complexity of taste and both worlds aim to deliver an extraordinary consumption experience,” Bremner shared.

For coffee aficionados, Ethiopia is the cultivation hub not only for premium beans but also for the deep-rooted culture. The beverage is not ‘just another drink’ for the Ethiopians, in fact, there’s a saying that goes “Buna dabo naw”, literally translates to “coffee is our bread”. It’s evident that coffee plays an integral part in Ethiopians’ routines.

The making of both beverages is much of a muchness. Whisky to Scottish Highlanders is equally significant. A glass of Scotch is beyond being deemed the national drink, it also represents the sophistication and elegancy values.

The Flavours

Working with five coffee experts – the grower, roaster, barista, artist and historian; The Harmony Inspired by Intense Arabica creates a thorough coffee-whisky journey to savour.

On the nose, Inspired by Intense Arabica exudes an aromatic smell of cappuccino and tiramisu, followed by a hint of sweet oak, vanilla and almond. The crema-coloured whisky has a higher ABV of 44%, just like a cup of slightly diluted espresso. Hence the whisky taste akin to an espresso shot. Gradually, the taste of dark chocolate with nuttier tinge unfolds, finally finishing with a balanced flavour between dark roasted coffee and sweetness. Accentuate the drink with coffee, specifically the Harrar and Guji beans if they are within your reach. Salted popcorn too, compliments the whisky well, especially for people who fancy a moreish experience.

The Presentation

The multi-sensory journey does not stop at flavours. Collaborating with paper expert Michele Posocco from the Italian paper mill Favini, the sustainable boxes incorporated repurposed coffee bean husks. The husks is a by-product in the coffee-making process that would otherwise have been discarded . The box comes in a minimal and elegant designs in red – a colour that represents the coffee fruit – a good selection for gift or even an addition to your own collection.

A launch event, “It’s Coffee Time at The Macallan in Kuala Lumpur” will be held on 17 -19 February at The Bookmark, APW Bangsar, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each session will be an hour long.

Not only is this a complimentary opportunity to explore the latest collection, each guest will also receive an experiential kit, consisting 1 dram of Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica, popcorn and a cup of coffee.

Secure yourself a chance to join here from 6th Feb onwards.

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The Macallan Unveils The Harmony Inspired By Intense Arabica
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