Over the years, Absolut has brought us more flavoured vodkas than we can count on one hand.

I have a bottle of Absolut Mango in my refrigerator at home, which sometimes I mix with lime juice.

A colleague sitting next to me prefers the Absolut Hibiskus when she is in need of cranberry juice to quench thirst, or the rare moment when she feels patriotic.

The senior graphic designer bought a bottle of Absolut Berri AçaÍ, because according to him, the pops of blue on the bottle get rid of the blues.

Distilled in a country that celebrates fermented herrings, Absolut seems to push the envelope when it comes to flavours.

It clearly caught us off guard that Absolut decided to introduce the Absolut Uncover—a limited-edition vodka in original flavour.

There are around 2.8 million bottles produced and distributed worldwide.

Its neutral taste profile isn’t necessarily a bad thing as its versatility lends itself well to be blended seamlessly with all juices and mixers.

A guilty pleasure of mine is to pour a shot into a cup of iced cappuccino after meal.

The sweeter the cappuccino is, the more delightful the end result.

The bottle’s design is as outstanding as any Absolut bottle’s.

It offers a unique opening ritual as its blue coat can be unwrapped to reveal a special bottle hidden beneath.

The coat’s design draws inspiration from the glimmer of a night sky.

Hence, its name Uncover.

Unfortunately, it also means we are still awaiting a surströmming-infused vodka.

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