WE’RE saying it first: 2019 Grand Tourers needed to be in the latest GT games, stat.

Lucky for us, the GT debate today isn’t about Gran Turismo, but whether or not Grand Tourers still have a place in our motoring wishlist.

As cars that are designed for both high-speed and long-distance driving, grand tourers have been riding shotgun in the industry for over a century. Shame. There’s an unrivalled pleasure to be derived from coasting those long, straight roads while cocooned in comfort and backed by engines that provide the supercar thrill.

To satisfy this huge fantasy, we’re rounding up our picks of the 2019 Grand Tourers to beat this year — do you have a need for speed?


01: Bentley Continental gt

We can tell Bentley is dead serious when it comes to GTs.

The Continental GT is that car that accelerates to sub-legal speeds and still maintains a cruising facade — a true fusion of sporty fun and luxury riding.

Every stitch, bolt, and finishing in this opulent two-door ride was designed for passengers in for the long ride. It tops out at 333kph with the brand’s latest evolution of the W12 engine, a twin-turbo six-litre, up from that of the last generation.

It tethers between dramatic performance (there’s launch control) and rides so smooth you won’t wake a cranky infant. This also looks like the Silver Surfer — and we don’t think it’s a coincidence.



02: lexus lc500

The Lexus LC500 harnesses a five-litre, naturally aspirated V8 that manages 471 horsepower and an indescribable howl whenever it’s put through its paces, all while remaining distinctive and impeccably sleek. 

Don’t let its well-crafted headlights and unadorned flanks throw you off, because it also does neat and zippy turns around the corners.

The Japanese touch of this rear-wheel drive is just as apparent inside, with nifty infotainment controls and driver aid buttons that’ll help you relish this driver’s experience.


03: Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

The DB4 GT Zagato is futuristic AF. As much as we want it, this beast is only offered as part of the DBZ Centenary Collection — meaning you can only buy them as a pair (cue the crowd boo-ing).

Nevertheless, the DB4 GT Zagato is Aston Martin’s super coupé tribute to one of the marque’s hottest models — celebrating 100 years of legendary engineering.

Its design ethos is largely contemporary: Muscular rear haunches and exclusive grille design, with a breath of retro design that remains through its double-bubble roof that stretches all the way back.

Though opening up its 380hp straight-six on public roads literally won’t be legal, a true beast belongs to the wild, that is, the natural habitat of the tracks.



04: Mercedes-amg gtr r pro

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