One of the most successful Lexus car models is now available in a special edition that not only shares the same specifications and equipment as that of the RX300 Luxury variant, but also additional accessories that make it, well, special.

Currently the fourth generation, and the seventh variant of the RX300 family, the Lexus RX300 Special Edition is packed with Lexus-genuine accessories in the car interior, to match what is under the hood: like all RX300 variants, this special edition is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine (8AR-FTS), which produces 235 ps with 350 Nm of torque; and a 6-speed Super Electronically Controlled Transaxle (6 ECT) automatic transmission, which is standard along with all-wheel drive transmission.

If you have been a loyal or aspiring lover of the Lexus, you will get a kick out of this Special Edition with added features that enhance its external appearance, as well as provide additional functionality for motoring enjoyment.


1. Additional Protection

One never knows what may one encounter while on the roads around Malaysia, particularly those in poorly maintained conditions, littered with Easter Egg potholes, and construction residues. The RX300 Special Edition has an added protection at the front end of the vehicle, and body mouldings at the sides, keeping your car scratch-free and dent-free from stones and other objects thrown up from the road. Not to mention, Lexus has gone the extra mile to make sure these “extra paddings” give the vehicle an extra shine of elegance.


2. Custom-designed visors

With these custom-designed visors installed at the tops of the windows, the bad weather is but a problem you leave at your (car) doorstep. Shaped to have minimal effect on airflow while allowing the glass to be lowered, even when there is rain, the enhanced visors prevent rainwater from entering the cabin, giving you that little breeze of petrichor if desired, without the wet hazard that comes with it.


3. User-Friendly Step Guards

The RX300 Special Edition comes with lower side mouldings are integrated with new one-piece side steps that run along the bottom of the front and rear doors, making movements in and out of the vehicle easier for passengers little and big, young and old.

Whereas at the trunk, the rear cargo space is fitted with a step guard near the lower edge of the rear door opening. The almost full coverage of the opening prevents accidental scratches and stains especially on the upper part of the rear bumper, when loading or unloading cargo, which may otherwise cause a little break of the heart due to carelessness.


4. Better Technological Hospitality

Modern technology has enabled Lexus to further fulfil its philosophy in hospitality, starting with the Welcome Door Lamp that lights up every time the doors are opened. Like a sensory light that comes on at the front porch of your house, the lamp illuminates the area near the door, giving you a legible view of your surroundings if anything unpleasant should be avoided, ie. a puddle or a pothole. The Welcome Door Lamp projects the Lexus logo on the ground for that added touch of class.

Future owners of the RX300 Special Edition may also enjoy new Lexus-genuine technological accessories already fitted into the car, which meet the same high standards of quality and reliability as the rest of the vehicle, professionally installed by trained personnel at UMW Toyota Motor’s own Accessories Centre in Bukit Raja, Selangor, so you may do away the third-party accessories fitted into your car, sticking out rather distastefully.

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is installed securely behind the rearview mirror, and does what other third-party DVRs do in providing motorists with a way to provide visual evidence in the event of an accident – but looks better doing it.

The Touch ’n Go reader/transmitter, on the other hand, is a necessity you never knew you needed in this city pepper with tolls. Compatible with all Touch ’n Go toll cards and already installed inside the cabin, the device offers a neater and classier solution for electronic payment on your passage through the Smart Tag lanes at toll plazas nationwide, without the hassle of scrambling for your card while in queue.


The RX300 Special Edition is sold by Lexus Malaysia, a division of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, the authorised importers and distributors of Lexus and Toyota vehicles in Malaysia, and each unit comes with a comprehensive factory warranty of five years or unlimited mileage (whichever comes first after original registration), and not to mention, a complete aftersales support at seven locations in Malaysia, including one in Kuching, Sarawak, where extensively trained professional technicians are always at the to look after your Lexus vehicle.

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