Since 1965, a year that for some familiar reason, will surely be a significant one in Singapore’s history, a gentleman by the name of Burkard Bovensiepen established a car company by the name of Alpina

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Alpina’s B3 S Bi-Turbo vehicle

Alpina produces cars that are based on BMW’s vehicles, and around 1,700 high-end automobiles leave its factory each year. The relationship between the two companies is unique. Alpina cars are sold exclusively through BMW’s dealerships. They bear BMW’s logo, but they not some after-sales modifier. Each car comes with its own VIN number, and characteristics include luxe interiors with incredible performance. 

This year marks 50 years of Alpina’s work, and to commemorate it, the company has announced the Edition 50, two editions of 50 vehicles that are based on two notable models, the B5 Bi-Turbo and B6 Bi-Turbo. 

Both models are driven by a 4.4-litre V8 Bi-Turbo engine that’s been revised to deliver incredible torque (some 800Nm at 3500 rpm). It goes from 0 to expressway-max in under 4.2 seconds, and max speed is 328kph. Within the car is a beautiful green-and-black Lavalina leather interior, paired with forged alloy wheels, titanium exhaust pipes and a high performance braking system. 

50 Years of Alpina's Awesome Automobiles-am_il_v1001_i_15ce9a75e80cc7b2593f717f27e254b897_61ab342440d2cadd22d4cb4a48121d3947

Aside from the finesse of the Alpina cars, what’s beautiful about each and every one of them is the sound of their engines. Here are a few to enjoy. More can be found here

For more information about Alpina cars in Singapore, contact Munich Automobiles Pte Ltd

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