The continued development and advancement of automotive technologies has helped transformed the world in immeasurable ways. They have both enhanced the way we drive and raised the levels of safety in transport.

Over the years, this continued development has seen carmakers push the envelope in developing new automotive technologies. From protecting to elevating the drive experience and catering to the needs of the modern driver, here are some new innovations heading into our cars soon.

Mercedes Reveals The Hyperscreen

MBUX hyperscreen
The MBUX Hyperscreen brings infotainment to the next level. (Image: Mercedes-Benz)

The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) made its debut in 2018 and it redefined the infotainment concept for Mercedes owners. Now, the German automaker has made the next big leap by introducing the MBUX Hyperscreen. The next generation infotainment system boasts a single piece of curved glass that spans 56 inches. It houses three OLED touch screens for the instrument panel, infotainment system and an entertainment screen on the passenger side. Powered by an eight-core processor with 24GB of RAM, the system uses AI to adapt to user preferences automatically.


Augmented Reality Hud By Panasonic

Panasonic HUD
Designed to keep your eyes on the road. (Image: Panasonic)

When it comes to automotive technologies that promote safety, this new augmented reality (AR) head up display by Panasonic fits the bill. Combining machine learning, optic technology, and AI, the new HUD projects vehicle information onto the windshield. The system is designed to create a more engaged and informed driver experience. It features object/pedestrian detection, eye tracking technology, 3D imaging radar and advanced optics to expand the field of vision. Panasonic’s new AR HUD system is also small enough to fit any vehicle configuration.


Honda’s New Antiviral Air Filter

Kurumaku filter
Honda’s new air filter can remove 99.8 percent of virus droplets. (Image: Honda)

Timely for the health crisis, Honda has revealed an innovative air filtering system that can remove virus droplets. The Japanese automaker calls it Kurumaku and it will roll out in their models beginning with the new N-Box. According to Honda, the air filtering system utilises zinc phosphate chemical conversion treatment to reduce virus droplets. Leaving Kurumaku on for 15 minutes with air recirculation can effectively remove 99.8 percent of virus droplets in the car. The filter however needs to be replaced annually or every 15,000 kilometres to maintain its effectiveness.


New Chapter For The BMW IDrive

New BMW idrive
The new BMW iDrive system will arrive in 2021 (Image: BMW)

After 20 years, BMW is going to usher in a new era for its renowned iDrive system. BMW says the new infotainment system will take driver-vehicle interaction into a new digital and intelligent age. As such it is only fitting the system will debut in the new BMW iX electric crossover due in 2021. The next generation iDrive features a pair of screens for instrumentation and infotainment duties. The system will reportedly incorporate vehicle-to-vehicle communication with sensors to analyse its surroundings.


VW’s Mobile Charging Robots

Volkswagen robot charger
Full service electric charging. (Image: Volkswagen)

Although merely prototypes, Volkswagen’s new mobile electric vehicle charger is intriguing. Using autonomous robots, the visionary concept will create a ubiquitous charging infrastructure for the electric mobility era. Operating on a Car-to-X communication platform, the robot can independently connect the electric vehicle to a power source. It can also decouple it when the charging process is complete. Volkswagen envisions the charging robot to be used in public charging bays and car parks.


New In-Car Concert Experience By Harman

Harman automotive technology
Turn your car into a concert hall. (Image: Harman)

When it comes to audio innovations, Harman is at the top of its game. The audio experts however have now homed in on elevating the sound and music experience for the automotive market. Harman’s new Live Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E.) and Personal Audio Headrest platforms will transform a car into a concert hall. The platform not only enables concertgoers to curate their own sight and sound experience from a performance but also have the ability to directly interact with the venue, artist and music all from the comfort of their vehicle.

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