BMW take a step into the future of mobility with a new upcoming fleet of electric vehicles with its highly anticipated BMW i portfolio.

The Group demonstrated its commitment to shape the future of mobility by hinting at the arrival of new-generation fully electric innovations to the country – bringing to life sophisticated electric drivetrains, innovative sustainable materials, and technologies of tomorrow, today.

Among the first vehicles to be introduced were the first-ever iX xDrive40, the first-ever iX xDrive40 Sport, and the first-ever iX xDrive50 Sport, revealed alongside the anticipated first-ever iX3 and the first-ever i4 eDrive40.

As the arrival of the next-generation BMW’s electric fleet welcomes a new era of electromobility in Malaysia, the German carmaker also has its eyes set on rapidly expanding the brand’s i dealer network to key cities across the country.

We take a closer look at some of the electric options which will soon be available to BMW aficionados locally:

The First-Ever BMW iX

The iX represents all that modern electromobility can offer and more. The impressive range of up to 630 kilometres in the iX variants is also designed to dispel range anxiety amongst potential and existing EV owners. The fully electric vehicle prides itself as a minimalist living space on wheels, offering sheer comfort on every journey. Apart from minor design differences, the xDrive50 Sport model and xDrive40 vary slightly in terms of technology as well.

The First-Ever BMW iX3

The BMW iX3

This all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) combines the best of two worlds: the driving dynamics and premium quality of a premium midsized SAV. The BMW X3 provides an increased performance and efficiency with the fifth generation eDrive technology, making the iX3 the most anticipated vehicle in its segment.

The First-Ever BMW i4

BMW i4 eDrive
The BMW i4 eDrive

The epitome of the sustainable sports four-door gran coupé, built with specific focus on electric driving dynamics from the outset, the i4 is the latest member of the premium mid-sized sedan segment. The futuristic sports sedan offers the electrical power output of up to 340HP, making it capable to complete 0-100km/h in under 6 seconds, plus an impressive electric driving range of up to 590 kilometres on a single charge.

For more info, check out the brand’s official website

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