Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur recently unveiled its brand new 3S (sales, service and spare parts) centre alongside the reveal of the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae.

The launch of Lamborghini KL, located in Glenmarie, saw numerous high profile guests in attendance, including Francesco Scardoni the Asia Pacific region director of Automobili Lamborghini and Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah – who shared that the first ever supercar he owned was a Lamborghini Murcielago.

Locally, the Italian supercar brand is now partnered with SunAgata Supercars, which acts as the sole authorised dealer and after-sales service provider. A move which seeks to increase Lamborghini’s brand presence within the country, following its steady growth across Asia Pacific – which saw record sales last year, with a total of 2,249 units sold (14% more than the previous year) despite the global pandemic.

The Lamborghini KL centre is ready to provide high standards of attention and quality to all its customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction. The centre houses sections that allow (would be) owners to customise the look of the Lamborghini of their choice in the Ad Personam display area, to a luxurious waiting area that allows one to oversee the service of their vehicle on top of already being able to check out the exclusive Lamborghinis already within the showroom.

Launch of the Aventador Ultimae

The last of the Aventadors, the Ultimae is the most powerful Aventador ever made that boasts 10 horsepower more than its (already impressive) predecessor, the Aventador SVJ, and is truly a stunning beast – as seen above. In the spirit of the first Aventador—with its rear longitudinal engine position and extensive use of carbon fibre—the Ultimae shows off a look featuring pure and essential lines.

Then with it’s naturally aspirated V12 engine, this beautiful machine is capable of producing 720 Nm of torque thus resulting in it completing the century sprint in under a mere three seconds! And not to mention achieving a top speed of  355km/h.

The future of Lamborghini

Augustman even got a chance to chat with Francesco Scardoni, the Asia Pacific region director of Automobili Lamborghini to find out more about the future of the brand.

francesco scardoni
Francesco Scardoni, Asia Pacific region director of Automobili Lamborghini poses next to the Aventador Ultimae

Francesco shared that the partnership between SunAgata Supercars and Lamborghini is sure to drive the brand further, by communicating brand values as well as delivering an unparalleled customer ownership experience.

Meanwhile, in terms of electrification, he shared that the brand was definitely never going to be the first to go fully electric, but that when the brand does so, it would want to be the best – and that delay off jumping on the bandwagon would allow them the time to do so. For now, the upcoming model would be a hybrid Aventador, set to be launched next year, which will still incorporate a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Boy we can’t wait to see that!

For more info, visit the brand’s official website.

(Images from Lamborghini KL)

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