In collaboration with local contemporary artist, Karwai Chan, a one-of-one McLaren GT is unveiled.

Using oil paint, Karwai Chan hand-painted the supercar depicting that of Chinese porcelain art, a first-ever for the brand. The entire process took over 200 hours of detailed artistry, with the design inspired by Chinese “Blue and White pottery” or Qing Hua Ci.

The McLaren GT is a supercar with a top speed of 326km/h, boasting 630Nm of torque which gets you from zero to 100 in a mere 3.2 seconds! And the best part is there will be no premium charged for the artwork, with the base price starting at RM908,000.

karwai mclaren gt
Karwai Chan poses with her masterpiece painted on the McLaren GT

For the unfamiliar, Karwai Chan is a self-taught local artist who shared that she paints to capture the essence of life’s must challenging and successful moments and the intense emotions linked with them. Recently her art has been commissioned by large, public listed companies around the world and her clients range from entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians to Formula 1 institutions like McLaren.

Here’s a closer look at the unique McLaren GT:

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Check Out This Unique McLaren GT Painted By A Local Artist

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