With a commitment to providing exceptional service and a dedication to enhancing the on-the-go lifestyle of their customers, Cycle & Carriage has become a top choice for car owners looking for a trusted and reliable service provider.

And Daniel Woodroof is one such example of a professional with a fast-paced life who also seeks the best in automotive retail and after-sales services. With his experience of driving cars for a living, Woodroof doesn’t settle for less either.

Cycle & Carriage and Daniel Woodroof
Daniel Woodroof working at Cycle & Carriage Mutiara Damansara

“Driving cars is part of my everyday life. I’m a former professional racing driver and am still active in the industry. I’m very familiar with cars, and it’s an integral part of my life,” he says.

So it’s safe to say that Woodroof knows a thing or two about cars. Which is why his choice of automotive service providers carries that much more weight.

Cycle & Carriage is always my go-to, whether it’s for my daily commute or a really long road trip. They have multiple service centres in the Klang Valley and in other states like Penang and Johor Bahru. So they’ve really developed my trust over time. They have some of the best service centres that I’ve seen. This includes exceptional customer service and really everything you need to prepare for an exceptional journey,” Woodroof says.

Cycle & Carriage and Daniel Woodroof
Woodroof and the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300

Utilising his experience with cars, Woodroof took the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 for a spin. The result? A glowing review, especially for the assistive technology and responsive driving.

“I’m constantly taking calls, so the GLC’s dashboard is extremely useful when it comes to facilitating those calls and messages. I’m constantly bouncing between meetings as well, so the navigation system is excellent. I particularly like its way-finding superimposed over actual visuals of the road I’m driving on as well.”

“The power delivery was really surprising. These cars tend to be heavier than your hatchbacks, but there was lots of acceleration and torque. The steering was great, and overall, the car was comfortable to drive,” he continues.

The informative display and media centre that Woodroof enjoys in the GLC

With this access to exceptional cars and service locations throughout the country, Woodroof says that he has great peace of mind.

“I have a lot of comfort knowing that there’s always a Cycle & Carriage within reach. Even if I’m going home to Penang for Raya, I know that I’m always a hop, skip, and jump away from being looked after by state-of-the-art facilities and again, exceptional customer service.”

written by.

Stuart Danker

Malaysian writer specialising in the no-niche niche. Trad-published author of the novel Tinhead City KL. Resident hobby-collector of AugustMan Malaysia.
Cycle & Carriage X Daniel Woodroof: Where Exceptional Service Meets The On-The-Go Lifestyle
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