This time around we take a look at Flux, for our Startup Of The Month segment which looks at businesses within Malaysia.

Aziz Ayman, the founder and CEO of Flux has been really interested in mobility in general. When pondering upon the biggest mobility problem in Malaysia, he found out that in a long term basis, car ownership exists because people would like to get from point A to point B. In return, car loans have had a monopoly in Malaysia, tying most people down to pay them off in the next seven or nine years.

Car subscriptions have started to gain traction in the US and the UK, and seeing what they’ve done, I’d like to experiment on how we can offer the public a car, without the complications and restrictions that come with car loans,” Aziz says. “I want to drive change and create impact the way Western countries are doing, and Flux is the localised version to cater to the Malaysian market.”

Some of the cars available for its members through Flux

Flux has big aspirations in striving to be a regional champion when it comes to car subscriptions. In the meantime, it intends to build an organisation with a solid foundation, when it comes to clean, simple processes for car ownership, and above all else, deliver world class experiences and services for its members.

Flux allows members to use the car, keep it in the driveway, as its concierge service helps manage all the car-related administrative and maintenance matters. This includes yearly document renewals, alongside planning and carrying out periodical services and repairs; conveniences that allow the users to take back their weekends to stay in and relax.

“You have to have a lot of passion for the problems you are intending to solve with your innovation. It comes with a lot of perseverance and tenacity for days that are challenging. “
Aziz Ayman; founder and CEO of Flux


Another big value proposition that Flux offers when it comes to car ownership is the option to swap cars, as opposed to sticking out with a car for more than seven or nine years. Aziz explains: “During the festive periods, when the in-laws or families are coming into town, people would want a car that is a little more spacious. With Flux, they can swap their loaned vehicle to another that is either more economical or a little more convenient – a level of flexibility that only we are able to offer in the market for the time being.”

Forget about going into a showroom to check out the cars; Flux allows car ownership for its members with just a few simple clicks online. Members can browse through the collection of reputable cars on Flux’s website, select the preferred vehicle and subscription plan that ranges from month-to-month for total flexibility, or up to three years. After the subscription has been approved, Flux will deliver the car to anywhere convenient for the member around Klang Valley.

Flux offers unmatch convenience in car ownership through its user-friendly online portals

As for a foreword to youths coming up with their own innovations, Aziz Ayman highlights two factors to consider before delving into their innovations: “You have to have a lot of passion for the problems you are intending to solve with your innovation. It comes with a lot of perseverance and tenacity for days that are challenging. It also requires you to dig deep, with a necessary investment of time and dedication to provide change, because change does take time.”

“I’m also a firm believer of insights, analysis and data – necessary researches that go beyond those done through the World Wide Web,” he continues. “Your innovation has to speak to your target audience, and you have to have a pure understanding of how to change a situation and come up with a structured plan.”


This article was first published in the August Man Malaysia March 2020 print issue


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