It’s true that the best things in life come in small packages. Well, at least in the case of cars, if you leave out manhood-waving monsters like the hummer. From what we hear, owning a MINI is like being part of a private club. Not only do you get to enjoy driving these gorgeous cars, but your car acts as an access pass to exclusive events. These don’t only include festive celebrations and dinner parties, but sometimes, even indoor skydiving.
I got the chance to participate in one of what MINI dubs CRM events. This saw me seated in the passenger side of a MINI Cooper S Cabrio doing 50 along Havelock road. Top down, no destination in mind, just man, machine and the open road; at least that was what it was like in my head. The reality was just as good – we were headed for dinner at Emmanuel Stroobant’s St Pierre’s.
When we got to the carpark near the restaurant, we were welcomed by row upon row of MINI Coopers. Just from the parking situation, it’s clear MINI owners have this sense of solidarity that other car owners do not know of, aside from the TPL – Nicole Seah battle some misinformed individuals call ‘the elections’. 
But this was not going to be just another dinner.  In line with MINI’s quirky and young persona, dinner at the restaurant was to be done blind. Yes. Blind.
So after the instructions for the night were given, we put on our blindfolds and clumsily reached for the various dishes and wine pairings placed before us. Some of us got systems in place to reach our food without knocking anything over, but some just weren’t as efficient. The audible clink of tipped wine glasses was quickly succeeded by audible uh-ohs from MINI CRM’s select members.
As we watched the tears and recriminations, it became apparent to us that MINI succeeded in where most dinner parties fail – making dinner among strangers feel like a close dinner with friends. So random man, sitting across the table from me, please pass the salt.
In any case, this just adds one more reason to why the MINI Cooper S is my favourite car. Now, with my writer’s salary, all I have to do is wait for COE prices to drop, win the lottery and maybe, just maybe, get my license.

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