If you’re a mac user, you’ll probably hate that some idiotic programmers still only design programs for the Windows operating system or gripe when you’re forced to use Windows-only programs by your company. Don’t you just want to scream, “Move with the times, people!”?
The best way around it is to run Windows on a Mac. I know, how can I even suggest it? But I guess we have to work with what we have. And we all know the two main ways to do so. First, Bootcamp, which forces you reboot in Windows. Second, and our pick, Parallels Desktop for Mac, which allows you to run Windows concurrently with your native operating system.
The latest incarnation of Parallels is the Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. It has been updated for even better integration between Mac and Windows worlds and features expanded support for the recently launched Windows 8 operating system. That means we can use Mountain Lion’s dictation feature on Windows applications, and add native Windows apps to the Mac Launchpad and Dock. All of which makes switching between the two seamless – almost like you’re using a hybrid system.
I love that Parallels allows you to ‘Mac-ify’ the Windows experience, making it so much more bearable. Plus, Windows looks so much better on the Mac’s Retina display than on standard Windows PCs. How ironic is that?
Some features of Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac include:
·         Mountain Lion Notification Center: Parallels Desktop 8 integrates Window 8 Toast Notifications into the Mountain Lion Notification Center
·         Desktop and Metro applications searchable in Spotlight
·         The Mountain Lion Dictation tool can be used on both Windows and Mac environments.
·         Add Windows applications to the Launchpad to quickly launch most used Windows applications
·         Enjoy seamless integration of Mountain Lion gestures with Windows apps such as pinch to zoom, Mission Control, three-finger drag, swipe between full-screen apps, two-finger scroll, Launchpad and rotate
·         Support for Windows 8 tablet gestures
·         Parallels Desktop 8 performance is 30 percent faster for input/output (I/O) operations, 30 percent faster for games and up to 25 percent faster for virtual machine operations
·         Updated Retina display settings for easier screen optimization
·         Increased virtual machine limits for running large apps
This writer was forced to type this on a PC with Windows Vista. As such, he may or may not have started writing this in January 2012 and took so long due to lags, unresponsive programs and just overall pain-in-the-ass glitches. He hopes this afterword will result in a computer upgrade to a MacBook Pro running Windows 8, or 7, at the very least.
We have five digital copies of Parallels 8 up for grabs*. All you need to do is tell us what you love about Parallels and what you’ll use Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac for. Email your contact details and answers to augustman@burda.com.sg with the header “August Man PD8 giveaway”.
Contest ends 14 December 2012.
*terms and conditions apply

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