If you’re thinking about upgrading your phone to an iPhone 13 Pro range device, the short answer would be yes.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max,  is dubbed “the most pro iPhone lineup ever” as it introduces all-new camera hardware, an intelligent display with ProMotion, the best graphics performance ever on iPhone, plus amazing battery life. And if you want to know exactly why upgrading is good idea, read on to find out what makes the latest flagship range from Apple, a truly remarkable device – although you’d need no convincing if you’re already a fan.

We dive deeper to find out what makes the devices standout, even from its predecessors; and we start with what’s at the heart of the machine.

1. The A15 Bionic chip

The most powerful core in its devices yet, Apple’s A15 Bionic is complemented with a new 5-core GPU in the Pro lineup that brings the fastest graphics performance in any smartphone – up to 50 percent faster than the leading competition – which makes it even more ideal for video apps, high-performance gaming, and the slate of new camera features.

That means that visuals are like never before, which can be especially good for mobile gamers, and those who treat their phones as their main cameras (which is almost all of us these days.) On top of that, the A15 Bionic chip contributes in making other factors of the phone more powerful and efficient, plus ties in with most of the reasons why you should invest in an iPhone 13.

2.Battery life

Finally, battery life exceeds slightly more than a day, on a single charge! And this is inclusive of some gaming, on top of normal usage on the Pro Max model. However, while the Pro Max boasts a whooping 4352 mAh battery capacity, the Pro comes in with slightly less, at 3095 mAh; although we’re pretty sure that thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, power management should be super efficient, and the Pro should be able to last the entire day as well.

3. The alluring exteriors

Let it be known that this time around, users don’t lose out in terms of specifications, whether they’re choosing from the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. This time around, Apple decided to give users the option of size, as both devices pack the same (powerful) punch. So whether you prefer the larger 6.7-inch screen size on the Pro Max – which weighs 240 grams, or the more pocket-friendly 6.1-inch Pro model – which weighs 204 grams, you still get the same specs, albeit the (dismissible) slightly smaller battery capacity on the Pro.

iphone 13
The iPhone 13 Pro range comes in four stunning finishes including graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue

Apart from the new size factors, the iPhone 13 Pro range offers four stunning new colour finishings, beautifully encased in surgical-grade stainless steel and fitted with its ceramic shield – which is said to be tougher than other smartphone glasses. Plus it maintains its usual, industry-leading IP68 water resistance rating, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about the phone getting wet.

4.Storage space

The iPhone 13 Pro range maximum capacity model is now able to store 1TB of data. Yes, you read that right, you can now save up to 1 TERABYTE of images, videos, apps and more! It’s official, the iPhone now has even more storage than most previous generation laptops – in fact, would you even need a personal computer again?

5. The Pro camera system

Perhaps one of the main reasons why anyone would invest in the Pro range to begin with, is the fact that the cameras are simply superb in capturing sharp and detailed images, and it’s only gotten better in the 13 – including an exciting all-new Macro photography feature.

Making use of the telephoto, ultra wide and wide lens, the Pro camera system takes photos that even owners of DSLR cameras would envy. For closer subjects, try Portrait mode, where you can dial in the bokeh and experiment with studio-quality lighting effects. But of course, you can get closer, up to 2 centimetres to be exact, to activate the Marco mode, and you’ll notice things even invisible to the naked eye.

Plus, it doesn’t just end at photography, even videographers stand to benefit from the upgraded Pro camera system. First of all, Macro mode also works with video, in which you can also shoot in slow motion or time lapse. Then, there’s also the option to edit the depth effect, thus changing the focus of your video, once you’re done shooting it! What is not to love?

For more info, visit Apple’s official website.

(All images courtesy of Apple)

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