Laptop and mobile devices sales would have shot up over the last couple of years, thanks to the impact of Covid-19, which brought upon a forced digital revolution to many companies and organisations.

Advances in computing technology over the years means that the best laptops of today can easily stand up to many desktop PCs in terms of performance, while prices are more affordable than ever, making the idea of a portable productivity powerhouse that lets you get your game on whenever and wherever you like, something that we all can get behind.

The ongoing pandemic has thrown everyone’s daily routine into disarray. Students are being asked to shift to home-based learning in greater numbers, while numerous employers have shifted to hybrid working scenarios where parts of the workforce are distributed, or only come into the office when it is possible and safe to do so. Which as mentioned, has led to an extended surge in demand for laptops for both work and play

intel evo laptop
A user using an Intel Evo Samsung laptop outdoors

Buying a laptop can appear to be a little confusing with all the options available, but simply choosing laptops that come with proper certification can help you simplify your decision making. An example would be laptops with Intel Evo certification; these laptops are created through a combination of Intel’s industry leading manufacturing processes and close collaboration with manufacturing partners and are verified under strict testing standards for an exceptional mobile experience.

Thankfully, there are a great deal of options available today to the student and the work-from-home professional; the question although is, which one do you choose and why?

1. The Right CPU

Whether for gaming or working, the central processing unit is the most integral part of any laptop – the ‘brains’ of the device so to speak. Traditionally, CPUs have always been judged based on their core-counts and clock-speeds, but it is also essential to look at other features that the processor brings to the table, and how it is matched with other components.

With the latest Intel Evo certified devices, you’d be assured of having the most recent processors which not only deliver great computing processes, but also support for PCIe 4.0 connectivity so that it can be matched with the fastest storage drives in the market.

2. Display Quality

The display on a laptop is often overlooked, but hugely impacts the mobile computing experience – especially so for gamers. Bigger displays generally mean larger and heavier laptops, though most should have displays with 1080p resolution to start. You may also want to consider if you’d like just a touch-enabled display, or a display that supports both touch and stylus inputs as well. Typically, touch or stylus enabled displays tend to be glossy, making them more reflective than matte displays. Many modern-day laptop displays also support HDR video playback thanks to wide-gamut support and are an absolute treat for those who prefer to watch their favourite shows and movies on their laptops.

3. Connectivity

Internet connectivity is a critical part of everyone’s daily life, whether its for work or leisure. In order to ensure you don’t accidentally drop out of your all-important video call with a client or your boss, you not only need a good internet connection, but also a good Wi-Fi connection on your laptop – preferably certified to the Wi-Fi 6 standard – to be able to take advantage of the high speed wireless networks connections available now.

Thunderbolt 4 is another important feature to look out for, a single-cable solution for all your peripheral connectivity needs. You can connect up to two 4K displays over a single port, or just use a single dock connected over Thunderbolt 4 to assimilate all your peripherals into one place.

4. Form Factor

Next, we have the form-factor of the laptop to consider. Over the last several years, the laptop has evolved from its clamshell design, and now comes in novel designs that elevate productivity. If you use the stylus aplenty, consider a laptop that has a “convertible” form-factor, where the display can be folded all the way back, converting the laptop into a tablet-like experience. If convertibles seem too cumbersome, there are also 2-in-1 laptops, which look like tablets in standard configuration, but attach a keyboard and pull out the built-in kickstand and you have a full-fledged laptop.

5. Battery Life

Last but definitely not least is battery life. Most of the new laptops available in the market are now very power-efficient; this comes in handy to maximise battery life if you are on-the-go a lot. For example, most laptops fitted with Intel Evo come out of the box with great battery life, clocking in at nine hours or more despite being on devices with a Full HD display. Plus, the use of 11th Gen Intel i5 or i7 processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics ensures top-notch performance and responsiveness. Some laptops also offer the advantage of fast charging, allowing you to charge for up to four hours of use in just 30 minutes. Then at the same time the laptops also feature Instant Wake – which allows the devices to go from sleep to ready in less than a second, which would help with those creative bursts of energy.

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