I have a confession. Dyson is one of my favourite companies, and with good reason. Their vacuum cleaners are world-renowned, thanks to its patented cyclonic technology, and they look really good resting on my walls when I’m not using them. Trust me when I say you won’t be hiding a Dyson vacuum cleaner in your storeroom; you’ll take every opportunity to flaunt it.

Besides its hoovering devices, Dyson is also well-known for its bladeless fans, dubbed the Air Multiplier. Walk through any electronic equipment store and you’ll always see these engineering marvels attract a steady stream of people eagerly put their hands through an Air Multiplier in disbelief.

That’s the attraction of Dyson – its relentless pursuit of innovation and design above all else. I’ve had the immense pleasure of interacting with several Dyson engineers over the past years and hearing them enthuse about the freedom that they have to produce the best product possible for the consumer without being tied down by cost and time constraints always makes me smile.

The Dyson engineers recently re-engineered its Air Multiplier and made it even better than it already was. What did they do? They added a vacuum-sealed HEPA glass filter to the base, turning a bladeless fan into a filtration device that removes harmful ultrafine particles from the air, while still cooling your room at the same time.

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Called the Dyson Pure Cool, this new product is perfect for Singapore’s perpetually hazy conditions. Beside capturing 99.5 per cent of particles that are as small as 0.1 microns (the size of a dust mite; to put things into perspective, a single strand of hair averages about 70 microns in diameter), the Dyson Pure Cool also captures toxic fumes, odours and airborne pollutants. It also requires minimal maintenance, if at all. The engineers have made it such that you only need to clean the filter after a year of daily usage.

Dyson believes you deserve a breath of fresh air. Why not make your house look good while you’re at it too?


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A Better Life with Dyson Pure Cool
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