The Apple Watch Series 6 is among the most comprehensive fitness trackers in the market at the moment.

apple watch series 6

Needless to say, if you’re an iPhone user, the best companion your device can have is the Apple Watch. Aside from the ability to now unlock your latest iPhone with the Apple Watch, all while wearing your mask, the smartwatch has a host of functions that will perfectly complement your active lifestyle.

Let’s first check out some of the amazing functions the Apple Watch Series 6 has to offer.

Sleek design

In terms of apperances, the Series 6 sees the most colour options available, with the (PRODUCT) RED, space black titanium, the new gold stainless steel, silver aluminium and blue variants made available. This is on top of material choices of titanium, stainless steel or 100% recycled aluminium for the case body.

Here’s a closer look at the watch in different colours, paired with various straps:

Then of course there’s the customisation of the dial/face (from the App Store, web, social media as well as photos you took) which can be easily viewed from all angles, should you opt for the always-on retina display – which is 2.5 times brighter than the previous model.

Plus, the redesigned Home app thanks to its watchOS 7.5 provides more convenient access to accessories and scenes needed in a particular moment.

efficient Performance

And the utility of the latest watchOS 7.5 doesn’t just allow for better user experience a sleeker appeal, it also improves functionality where it matters.

Here are but a few of the improvements to look out for:

Integrally, communication via the watch itself is improved. To begin with, the Contacts App is now available to let you view and edit contact all with the watch alone. Plus, the new tools in Messages allow you to combine the use of Scribble, dictation, and emoji all within the same message, and edit the presented text for dictated messages.

  • My favourite is the Find Items app on watch also helps users locate tagged items using the Find My network, and a new Find Devices app helps users locate lost Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID – mostly because it lets me make use of AirTags as well.

        However, one downfall I personally feel is that the battery lasts only slightly more than a day before you will need to recharge your Apple Watch.

        • Though it’s design and performance are truly just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out what’s most amazing about the Series 6.
        • A healthier you

          You would have already heard about one of the most exciting technological developments – an ECG machine that now sits on your wrist.

      That’s right, apart from tracking the usual health metrics, the Apple Watch is also capable of providing an electrocardiogram right from your wrist, capturing heart rhythm the moment you want to know more about your heart health.

      If this doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will at this point of time. The ECG app is definitely a major bonus on top of the pre-existing sleep trackers that can aid in you getting a better night’s rest, the mindfulness app, plus the Focus one which can assist with mental health, and not forgetting the myriad of options available for physical health – from various (new) workout types to cardio fitness notifications which help monitor overall health.

Essentially, despite the battery life, the Apple Watch Series 6 paired with the watchOS 7.5 is perhaps the best health trackers currently available in the market, especially if you’re an iPhone user, which makes it  unparalleled to any other device out there.


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