No other investment policy or asset has seen such tremendous hype as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Revolutionising the way we look at assets and possessions, these blockchain-based digital artworks have helped build a career for many.

Thirty-six-year-old Brittany Pierre’s journey from almost living like a daily-wage earner to making over USD 1,09,000 is an inspiration for all. The self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Chicago took to creating and selling NFTs that changed her life forever.

Here’s all about Brittany Pierre’s journey creating NFTs

How did Pierre get started with NFTs?

Brittany Pierre NFT
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Pierre has been doing photoshoots for quite some time but earned a nominal amount of about USD 50, of which she paid USD 30 as printing charge. This wasn’t enough for her to sustain the business or herself. Paying rent for her condominium, buying groceries and other basic necessities were proving to be increasingly difficult.

At such a juncture, she came to know about NFTs in March 2021 from her friend and fellow NFT artist Elise Swopes, who had sold her work for over USD 17,600. This motivated Pierre, and she did her research for days to know more about NFTs.

After a month, she started selling her own NFT artworks, which got noticed and earned her a few hundred dollars — an amount more than what her physical work got her.

Initial hurdles and challenges

Brittany Pierre NFT
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Everything wasn’t smooth and easy for her. Pierre learnt about minting NFTs and the enormous fees needed to get listed in a marketplace.

For the unversed, minting is a process of representing one’s artwork and putting it up on the blockchain. It proves the authenticity and identifies the creator as its true owner.

However, for this, marketplaces charge ‘gas fees’, which can be difficult to afford. Another hurdle in the process was that most of the top marketplaces take new creators only on an invite basis or after application. Making matters worse, Pierre had almost no funds.

“I probably had like 10 bucks in my bank account,” Pierre told NBC Philadelphia, adding, “I think fees [were] about $250.”

That’s when her friends connected her to photographer Zak Krevitt who not only invited Pierre to the NFT marketplace Foundation but also shelled out from his own pocket to pay her gas fees.

How is the tryst with NFTs going?

Pierre is grateful to the entire community of NFT creators, artists and collectors who have helped her turn her life around. Her first major sale occurred when noted NFT collector Weesh saw her on Twitter and since then, there was no turning back.

Pierre is extremely happy and overwhelmed at the whopping rise in her sales. The more she created the more she got noticed. In fact, Pierre quit her day job and decided to dedicate full time to creating NFTs.

The woman who started with nothing more than just USD 10 made over USD 1,09,000 by the end of 2021 and has improved her quality of life.

“At first, it started with me paying rent on time and in full without having to make payments. Then, I was able to get groceries — I was living on ramen, ground beef, tuna cans and water for a very long time. I was able to fill my fridge, which I’ve never been able to do on my own,” she told CNBC Make It.

Pierre looks forward to buying her own place and a Tesla. She also donates to several charities and causes that she is passionate about.

Building NFT community

Pierre is now funding other women who want to foray into the NFT realm but lack adequate funds. Giving them a platform and building a community is something she is very hopeful of.

About Brittany Pierre’s art

Brittany Pierre NFT
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Pierre’s photography mainly includes upholding the black community and showcasing portraits of people and the streets. She converts her photographs and artworks into NFTs.

“I definitely think that not only NFTs, but crypto in general, can help marginalised people, especially the Black community,” she told CNBC Make It.

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