The time of Covid-19 has seen tech offerings grow by leaps and bounds, as companies need to adapt in order to survive the tough economic situation. The latest to join the revolution is Cycle & Carriage with its all-new virtual showroom for Mercedes-Benz.

With its illustrious history, as Cycle & Carriage begun in 1899, the company have been focused on creating people-focused experiences. Thus this new offering caters to the people by allowing customers to browse the vehicles in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The Cycle & Carriage virtual showroom is aimed at maintaining high-touch retail engagement where the online experience must complement and enhance the physical retail experience. Thus potential car buyers are able to enjoy an immersive experience and enjoy both the virtual showroom as well as the Mercedes-Benz cars.

Speaking about vehicles, currently the virtual showroom exhibits nine Mercedes-Benz models, from the sporty A-Class hatchback to the luxurious S-Class saloon, and even the bold GLC SUV.

Viewers would be able to get a full 360-degree view of the vehicles, as well as check out the interiors. On top of that, there are various customisation options which can be done simply as well, so potential buyers can see exactly how they want their Mercedes-Benz to look like.

cycle carriage virtual showroom
Among the benefits of a virtual showroom is that customers get to customise the vehicles to their liking easily

Detailed information, including exclusive in-depth Cycle & Carriage Expert Review videos on the more popular variants,

about each vehicle’s specifications is also available just a click away.

And once customers have previewed each vehicle, they can seamlessly place an appointment for a test-drive at their preferred Cycle & Carriage Autohaus.


Check out the Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz virtual showroom here.


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Cycle & Carriage Present Malaysia’s First Mercedes Virtual Showroom
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