Ever the busy career woman, well-known actress and singer Daiyan Trisha knows just how important it is to create a comfortable sanctuary to rest and recharge in at the end of a fruitful day spent hard at work.  

“Life is about making smart choices. As an actress, you need to always be ready and have peace of mind both onscreen and offscreen,” says Daiyan. “Just like dressing up, setting the right mood at home is a way of thanking yourself for the hard work you’ve put in building your career, your life and your family.”

When the mood is right, this also helps Daiyan to stay creative and inspired while staying home. As to how exactly she does so, she has this particular smart TV to thank: Samsung’s The Frame. 

Flaunting a façade that’s more framed art than TV, there’s little wonder that Daiyan would opt to have The Frame elegantly displayed in her abode. It immediately enhances any room it is in with its unique ability of transforming displays into captivating works of arts from the Art Store, with its ever-growing world-class art pieces. This makes for an interesting talking point, allowing her to stay together with friends and family while watching TV or simply admiring the artwork. 

It also helps to keep creative juices flowing as its high-resolution screen, which deploys QLED technology – featuring AI Upscaling that upscales contents in any resolution to 4K with the Quantum Processor 4K – to deliver the finest picture quality, allows Daiyan to view various types of content with ease. This proves particularly useful when she’s learning a new recipe, expanding on her love for cooking and baking. “Find time to be creative, no matter how busy your day may be,” she advises. 

The beauty of The Frame is it doesn’t necessarily have to be switched on to be appreciated. “With my busy days, I find time to switch off and I find myself appreciating the beauty in quietude,” says Daiyan. With that, she turns the screen off but it doesn’t fade into darkness, instead an enthralling art comes to life onscreen. 

Even when “switched off” in the traditional sense, the TV continues to enrich Daiyan’s life with its artistic display. She can opt for a nature-themed art to match the uplifting mood as she enjoys a stroll through her garden, the Zen-like feeling inspiring her. 1,600 carefully curated pieces are available for Daiyan and fellow consumers to choose from with a subscription to The Frame’s all new Art Store. Individual consumer preferences are analysed by Samsung’s new AI-based auto curation technology, allowing better recommendation of artwork to each consumer. 

Since its launch in 2017, Samsung’s revolutionary The Frame has redefined the way the world sees television, presenting it more than just an electronic device serving an entertainment purpose. Understanding how The Frame reflects and showcases one’s social status and personal taste, the 2021 version sees an upgrade to it that presents a more customisable experience.  

Now measuring only 24.9 mm, its slim form is not only 46 per cent thinner than previous iterations but also effectively mirrors the depth of a traditional picture frame when installed with Slim Fit Wall mount, truly elevating its aesthetics. Adding to this is the attachable bezel that comes in five colour options and two customisable styles: Modern and Beveled. Furthermore, with One Connect Box and One Invisible Connection, visible clutter is greatly reduced and The Frame can be truly enjoyed as an art piece. 

This article first appeared on Prestige Online Malaysia.

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