The modern man’s smartphone should never be less than well-balanced. Hardware, software and design are all equally important when it comes to this very personal piece of accessory. Take Sony’s Xperia range for example – the brand’s flagship model was recently reinvigorated with the new Xperia Z3, a smartphone that overhauls the entire design and feel of its predecessor.

Boasting a sleek aluminium frame, the smartphone weighs in at only 152 grams, with a thickness of just 7.3 millimetres. While its aesthetic design is already cause for admiration, the Xperia Z3’s key features in its hardware and software are its strongest points. The phone’s numerous high-end specifications have placed it at the forefront of the smartphone industry. When Sony announced the Z3 as top of the line, they weren’t pulling punches. Possessing the best waterproofing standards for any phone in the market as well as the highest ISO and largest sensor for its camera, the Xperia Z3 pushes boundaries for the smartphone market by a mile. Its hardware specs are backed up by even better software, like Sony’s proprietary camera apps to make capturing images on the phone a personal experience. Sony’s own brand of unique apps make the phone a perfect lifestyle accessory. Its PS4 Remote Play programme allows Playstation 4 owners to access their consoles through the phone and its Xperia Lounge app is a ticket to the world of entertainment and experiences such as sports, music, gaming and film content, including unique promotions and competitions that only Sony can bring.
We spoke to three modern men with different lifestyles and their experience with the Sony Xperia Z3 thus far.

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Xu Bin, Mediacorp artiste managed by Noon Talk
When you’re confronted by a veteran of Singapore’s entertainment industry about “working in a warehouse when you have potential”, life was put in perspective for Xu Bin. Now a mainstay on local Chinese television, he recalls being asked by his long-time mentor and friend Dasmond Koh, to join him in his movie Timeless Love back in 2012 and identifies that as the start of his acting career.
What drew you to acting?
For me, it’s the ability to play different characters. One month, I can be playing a spoilt rich boy but the next, I can easily be playing the opposite. It’s living different lives on screen and it’s always a lot of fun.
You’re very popular on social media now. What do you think your fans like?
I’m one of the highest followed on Instagram among actors on the local Chinese television scene. I think it’s because I let my fans in on my personal life. They really want to know what an actor does behind the scenes and in his daily life.
What has your experience been working with the Sony Xperia Z3 so far?
I was using the Xperia Z2 before this and there was an occasion when I left it out in my balcony and it rained. I panicked but nothing was damaged. I don’t use protectors on my phone because I like the slim look. When it gets dirty, a wet cloth solves the problem. The Z3 is a lot better when it comes to the battery life. I’ve used other phones that die out before the day is through. This phone lasts over two days, or three if I’m on a shoot and not on the phone that often.
What did you use it for the most?
I use the phone to take pictures and upload it on Instagram and there was once we were huddled in a staircase before a scene and we decided to clown around. I used my phone and after the shot was taken, someone asked why it was so clear even when the room was dark. (laughs) That made me quite proud of the phone.

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Dr Jeff Lin, chiropractor
Working in an industry that revolves around fixing and advising people on their health means being on top of your game all the time. Dr Jeff Lin has got the regime down pat and then some. The paleo diet devotee and sports enthusiast  believes in living as well as you can.
With such a packed schedule, how do you keep on top of a healthy lifestyle?
I do quite a lot of sports so it never feels much like exercise. On top of that, I head to the gym a few times a week during my lunch hour. For my diet, I cook easy things that I can prepare a week in advance.
What’s the best advice for posture?
I think it’s really bad to sit and stare at the computer monitor all day. This applies to everyone who works at a desk job. I believe in the 30/30 rule. This means for every half an hour you spend at your desk, you should get up, walk around for 30 seconds just to loosen up your body.
What has your experience been working with the Sony Xperia Z3 so far?
I think the phone looks great. It’s a really fast too. There’s zero lag in the processor so I was happy about that. But I think the biggest draw was the waterproof factor. There was a weekend when I went to the beach with it and it was just funny how it’s in your beach shorts and you’re standing in the water not worrying about it. I’d bring the phone to touch rugby and it’d get dirty but you can just rinse it off, which is something you can’t do with other phones. I can imagine if you went snorkeling with it, you’d have lots of things to take. It helps that the resolution on the phone is great too. It makes really clear videos.
What did you use it for the most?
A smartphone is essential for any working man now so I use it for everything – to plan my days, take down notes for my groceries. I need it with me everywhere and it helps that the battery doesn’t seem to die out. I think I only need to charge it once every two days and that means a lot when you’ve to know your schedule and are on call the whole time. 

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Eugene Lim, business development associate
“Don’t ask me about fashion, man. I have no idea what brands are in or out,” says Eugene Lim at the mention of the word. Lim, whose work includes marketing for brands Tocco Tenero and Tocco Toscano, is adamant that he knows nothing about fashion. Ask him about style however, and you get quite a different story.
What does style mean to you?
For me, it’s about expressing yourself in a way that others can get to know you. I’ve worn some pretty daring things but because people know my personality, it doesn’t come across as odd.
You’ve become popular on Instagram because of your PrideSG movement.
I wanted to band together with guys to prove that Singaporean men have style. I know so many people with distinct styles and bringing them together opens the door to pushing a Singaporean sense of style.
Social media has become a big part of your life then?
Most marketing now is done through social media anyway and it helps to connect brands to its consumers. People love looking at behind-the-scenes photos to get a better idea of a brand.
What has your experience been working with the Sony Xperia Z3 so far?
For me, the camera has been the biggest help. I’m no professional photographer so the camera function on the Z3 does all my hard work for me. Like I was saying, I shoot a lot of things that go on behind the scenes, so it’s got to be done fast. The instant camera function button on the side gets me there immediately and there is rarely a need to edit the photos with how sharp the images are.
Did anything surprise you about the phone?
I’m a bit of a cynic so I didn’t believe that the phone could go underwater but seeing everyone else post underwater photos, I was more than ready to try it. I’m going on a surfing trip soon, and I can’t wait to dive right in and shoot underwater scenes with the phone.

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Hitting the Streets with Sony’s Xperia Z3

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