Technology and creativity are transforming the world at lightning speed. However, some inventions are sucking up a lot of the earth’s resources. At the same time, creativity and innovative thinking are blending to produce resourceful products that encourage sustainability.

Some geniuses are proving that not all inventions will destroy the earth’s property. Taking these initiatives will make a lot of difference to nature while we human beings improve our style of living. Here are some of the best inventions that save the universe while assisting humanity to live an improved life.

(Photo: BUREO)
Eco-friendly goods from rejected fishing nets

Three friends joined venture to introduce BUREO, a Chilean company that manufactures skateboards from raw materials. The raw materials are normally collected near coast sides in Chile. Also, BUREO makes sunglasses, cotton t-shirts, and eco-friendly products from fishing nets. Some abandoned waste in the sea kills a lot of sea creatures. Hence, give a second thought before chucking your garbage into the ocean.

(Photo: Seabin)
A cleaner ocean with an innovative device

The V5 Seabin was made to cleanse the ocean. 2 Australian surfers are the founders of this invention. This initiative is called The Seabin Project. This trash skimmer collects waste goods while filtering the waters. The V5 Seabin operates in lakes, rivers, and sea.

(Photo: Manufract)
Furniture that is made eco-friendly

MANUFRACT is a German company that transforms broken wood pieces into beautiful furniture. This process uses an eco-resin to finalize the shape of the wood pieces. Currently, many other companies are making identical tables and chairs. Besides giving us stylish products, this German company also heals the wood.

(Photo: Tetrabin)
An innovative rubbish bin

This creative attempt allows users to receive redeemable points for every dump using the Tetrabin. The entire internal surface of the device consists of motion sensors that provide an appealing appearance. Tetrabin is Australian manufacture by Martin Tomitsch, Steven Bai, and Sam Johnson. The reason behind this invention is to encourage people to use a trash bin when throwing rubbish.

(Photo: Ooho)
You can now eat water

Ooho is an edible water bottle that does not require big water containers. This attractive Ooho water bottle is made from plants and seaweed. The edible bottle allows you to customize the water according to your preference. We can now save plastic for other needs.

(Photo: Paqsule)
A Smart bag could make difference to our nature

PaqSule is a smart bag to use for the gym, work, and recreational purposes. PaqSule can refreshen and sanitize the bag automatically after use. A press of a button on the bag or smartphone control activates the chemical-free system. You can keep a fresh and clean bag with PaqSule now.

(Photo: The Altered: Nozzle)
An alternate way to save water

It takes a lot of resources to produce clean water. You can add this device into your tap at home and save a lot of water. The Altered: Nozzle encourages you to use lesser water while you wash dishes and brush your teeth.

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature”
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An enthusiastic writer with a keen interest in film studies, Dhakshaan Kumar is August Man Malaysia’s new digital writer. He may be fresh out of uni but has penned several film scripts of various genres and even dabbled in filmmaking. The communications degree holder harbours dreams of making it big as a writer and filmmaker.

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