London-based tech company, Nothing, has launched its latest product, the Ear (2), a pair of wireless earbuds that are certified for high-resolution audio streaming.

This marks the brand’s “first-ever second-generation product,” and is an update to its predecessor, the Ear (1), which launched in 2021 and sold over 600,000 units, according to a press release issued by the brand.

Here’s what we know about the newly launched Nothing Ear (2)

Nothing Ear (2)

Visually, it’s an iterative update, and the earbuds will be familiar to those who have seen or used the first ones. Internally, however, the new Ear (2) packs a bunch of upgrades that improve everything from audio performance to sound personalisation, battery life, and even an upgraded water-resistance rating.

Improving the earbuds’ sound performance was a priority for the brand, and Ear (2) introduces new features to help with this.

“We’ve re-engineered everything from the ground up and utilised cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate personal listening experience.”—said CEO and co-founder of Nothing, Carl Pei.


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Ear (2) features a custom-built 11.6mm driver with a newly-designed diaphragm made of polyurethane (PU) and graphene.

This material combination was specifically chosen to improve the delivery of certain sound frequencies: PU allows lower frequencies to flow smoothly and sound clearer owing to its softness, while graphene’s strength-to-weight ratio allows the highs to be fully expressed while at the same time keeping the earbuds light.

The battery life has also improved since Ear (1). The brand claims the new Ear (2) has 36 hours of total playback time with a fully charged case, and a maximum of 6.3 hours playback between charges. The case itself supports 2.5W wireless charging and can fast charge to 8 hours in 10 minutes—a feature that will come in handy for those who are constantly on the run.

Gesture controls on the buds have also changed – while Ear (1) favoured ‘touch,’ Ear (2) allows users to control their earbuds through a series of different ‘press’ actions, with haptic feedback helping to acknowledge these.

The brand claims this change was inspired by feedback from its fans and should help to avoid unintentional actions caused by accidentally touching the buds.

Ear (2)’s three microphones have also been updated and repositioned to better protect against wind noise. This is complemented by the brand’s Clear Voice Technology, which has an updated algorithm that claims “to make calls feel like face-to-face conversations.” Nothing has also added Dual Connection, a new feature that allows connection to two devices simultaneously—this should be welcomed by those who want to be connected to both their phone and computer and want to switch between calls and other listening activities seamlessly.

An additional upgrade to Ear (2) is its water and sweat resistance rating: the earbuds are IP54 rated, and the case is IP55, meaning the product is ready to be used in light rain and during exercise.

Other changes made to support these hardware upgrades include Personal Sound Profile, a feature that creates a tailored listening experience based on the user’s ear structure and the range of frequencies the user can hear (this differs from person to person and is affected by various factors such as age). After a series of in-ear tests, a unique profile is automatically created, and this can be further tweaked manually via the Nothing X application.

Lastly, audiophiles will be pleased to hear that Ear (2) supports Hi-Res Audio and LHDC 5.0 codec compatibility. This is a significant improvement over the previous version, which had limited audio compatibility. With Hi-Res Audio and LHDC 5.0 codec compatibility, users can enjoy high-quality audio on their favorite streaming platforms.

Should you get it? Is it worth the price?

The Nothing Ear (2) is a significant improvement over its predecessor, and it has many features that make it a perfect choice for music lovers.

With its improved sound quality, battery life, and water resistance, users can enjoy their music without worrying about their earphones’ performance. Furthermore, its competitive price tag makes it an attractive option for consumers looking for high-quality wireless earphones.

Ear (2) is priced at RM 599, now available at Crossover’s official website. Get yours here!

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