It is uncanny and positively unnerving watching the smoothness and effortlessness in his strumming, like the guitar was nothing but an extension of his fingers, the instrument that has been missing from his hands, that sixth sense in which he interacts with the world.

Identifying himself as a singer-songwriter, Clarence Liew, or more stylishly known by his public alias CLO, exudes undeniable love for music when he smiles and sings, and the genuine streak of joy when he’s in the moment and in the zone. Though he is only doing covers for now, CLO is not one to be overlooked because I have a feeling he’s too impassioned and driven to stop here. He’s not going to be just a face in the crowd anymore.

You may visit his personal Youtube channel at ClarenceLiewMusic. Check out the videos behind Sennheiser’s Sound Heroes, and find out more about why CLO prefers Sennheiser!

For more of Sennheiser Asia’s programs for this year, visit their website.

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