When it comes to high-end audio, the name Devialet is never far from our minds. The brand has been lauded for bringing over 70 innovations that are found in each and every one of its products, to the forefront of the audio world like its Asynchronous Intelligent Route (AIR) Streaming tech and the Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) amplifiers. This year at the 2014 High-End Hi-Fi Show in Munich, Devialet announced its patented SAM (Speaker Active Matching) processing technology. All of Devialet’s proprietary technologies, the ADH, AIR and SAM, are included in Devialet’s line up of sound systems this year, like the Devialet 120 shown above paired with GT-1 speakers from Atohm.

Now, the list of speakers and systems that can be paired with the Devialet 120 is growing, with over 100 models that are compatible in the market today and much more to come in the next year. We break down a few reasons why the Devialet 120 could very well be the one sound system you need this year.

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1. Pricing

The Devialet 120 is the brand’s lowest-priced audio system set currently and an easy way to step into the high-end spectrum of quality home entertainment. At SGD$9,000, you’re looking at an investment. When you take into consideration that Devialet’s EVO technology allows you to upgrade the firmware built inside, the Devialet 120 isn’t going to be one of those “buy now, outdated in two years” sorta equipment that we’re used to.

2. Aesthetics

Tech-talk aside, the Devialet 120 is built from a chrome-plated, solid aluminium chassis, milled from a single block and weighs less than six kilograms. It’s a beauty to look at and will fit just about anywhere. If you’re a stickler for consistency, make sure it matches your speakers (though it’d be hard to outshine the 120).

3. Sound

Listening to music should mean listening to it how the recording artists wanted it to sound – nothing to detract from the musicianship. What the Devialet 120 does, thanks to the SAM processing technology, is to offer a performance as close as possible to the real sound recorded by a microphone. What you hear is what you get – smooth and clean sounds that aren’t over-processed or compromised by errors.

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The Art of Amplifying
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