The Frame by Samsung is more than just another television, it’s also a work of art. Which will complement your home perfectly.

Plus, home is more than just a sanctuary to return to at the end of a long day spent out and about, at the office or picking up children from school. As many discovered in the past year, home has taken on new meaning. It now plays additional roles of an office, a distance learning centre for children and a family entertainment centre.

What remains constant, however, is that televisions remain the centrepiece of many homes. What was once an apparatus for satellite television, a television today needs to withstand the rigours of a modern lifestyle, including streaming Netflix shows, YouTube culinary channels, video games and more. Televisions are the windows to the world, especially in times where travel is still severely restricted, and a window pane always looks better when it is sharp – in aesthetics and quality.

To that point, Samsung introduces a revolutionary television that will instantly elevate your home. The Frame – just like the name alludes to – is a sensational work of art.

The frame by samsung
Samsung blurs the line between art and tech with The Frame
As a display of artwork
Unlike a conventional TV where form follows function, the beautiful design of The Frame is quite remarkable. It is where form meets function and both aspects are treated with equal importance. Nonetheless, it is when The Frame doesn’t function as a television that is going to take your breath away. A mere 24.9mm at its thickest and 46% slimmer than past television displays, The Frame is intended to be a piece of art hung on the wall. It also features an adjustable stand so that a sound bar or other complementary devices can slide underneath the display effortlessly.
the frame by samsung
With an easel-like studio stand, The Frame can even fit right in at an art studio

Just like a painting, The Frame can be placed on a studio stand. Reminiscent of an easel, the studio stand liberates The Frame from the constraints of a typical television set, thus allowing it to be positioned anywhere. A One Invisible Cable and a One Connect Box work in concert to power up The Frame in a non-intrusive and non-cluttering manner.

To blend in with your home, The Frame features stylish customisable bezels which can be selected to complement the architecture, be it contemporary, masonry, wood heavy or exposed concrete. Options include modern bezels in brown, teak or white, and beveled bezels in white or brick red.

With a built-in and improved Art Store and Art Mode, you can curate your favourites from a plethora of well-known art pieces from a number of famous galleries and museums worldwide and let The Frame be your private world-class exhibition. Instead of fading to black such as when you turn off a typical television, The Frame on other hand transforms into a brilliant display of an artist’s oeuvre. There are well over 1,400 artworks at your disposal and the built-in Brightness Sensor automatically matches the brightness of the display with the ambience, so all the art pieces are always shown perfectly.

Furthermore, with 16GB of built-in storage and My Collection feature, The Frame allows you to showcase your own photography archives and tastefully share your precious memories with your loved ones.

As an entertainment and productivity hub

Thanks to the advanced QLED technology boasting 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot, The Frame supports a billion shades of colours. All images, whether it is static like a painting when the Art Mode is turned on or fast moving like an action film when The Frame functions as a television, appear vibrant and realistic to draw your attention and capture your imagination. The Dual LED backlighting technology carries dedicated warm and cool backlights to enhance contrasts, thus nuances of an image from the darkest to the brightest can be discerned by viewers.

the frame by samsung
Colours come to life on The Frame thanks to the advanced QLED technology boasting 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot

Being a state-of-the-art smart television, The Frame incorporates latest technologies. The heart of The Frame is a Quantum Processor 4K which employs artificial intelligence for improved scaling. The built-in SpaceFit Sound is an innovation that automatically optimises the audio emitting from The Frame according to the space, which saves you from having to fine-tune manually. You may also plug your multimedia devices into the accompanying One Connect Box, which keeps spaces neat and tidy up to 5 metres away.

The versatility of The Frame extends towards the home office. The Multi View feature fits multiple applications in one screen and this function is especially handy when you are working simultaneously on spreadsheets and reports while tending to your endless emails. With mobile phones occupying a significant part of our daily lives, The Frame offers seamless connectivity with mobile devices. It mirrors the content displayed on your mobile device in real time through Mobile Mirroring and pairing both is just a single tap away, thanks to Tap View.

The Frame is the answer to a seamless PC on TV experience. Thanks to its advanced technology – in wired and wireless connectivity – The Frame can be an effective primary display for a desktop computer, or be a second display that works in sync with the built-in display of a laptop computer. Offering sharp, accurately presented images across a spacious surface, as well as the ability to display multiple windows concurrently, The Frame helps elevate productivity. Multitasking has never been easier.

In line with the pervasive artificial intelligence, The Frame can also be controlled using voice command as it is powered by Bixby – Samsung’s very own smart assistant.

For a sustainable future

Working towards a sustainable future, Samsung has comprehensively rethought how its products can make a difference to the world we are living in. The Frame is evidence of that pledge. To construct the solar-powered Solar Cell One remote control, Samsung ingeniously proposed a solution involving upcycling plastics from recyclable bottles. In fact, the unique remote control of The Frame by Samsung consists of 24% recycled content.

Samsung the frame
Samsung’s Solar Cell One remote control is solar powered and made from recycled materials

In addition, The Frame is delivered in an eco-friendly packaging box made from corrugated cardboard, enabling it to be recycled or upcycled easily.

is it for you?

Available in a range of sizes – 32 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches – there is always a Frame that will adapt seamlessly to any space, whether it is the bedroom or the living room, and fit for your purpose. But you don’t call upon The Frame because it plays the role of a television well – it does so effortlessly – you set your eyes on it because it is a gorgeous addition to your home. The Frame is quite simply an unapologetic validation of your exceptional taste.


Click here for more information on The Frame by Samsung. 


This story first appeared in Prestige Online Malaysia.

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