The Apple watch is, as far as we’re concerned, old news. The watch has been hyped and overhyped even before the announcement of its launch. What we’re really excited about is Tim Cook’s announcement of a new MacBook, the first new design of for its notebook line since 2012.

At first, the announcement raised some quizzical brows. Wait, isn’t the new 13.1mm slim electronic notebook a MacBook Air? No, Apple clarifies that it isn’t. The new notebook is in fact a MacBook despite its marketing being reminiscent of the way Apple launched its MacBook Air line back in 2008.

Then, the MacBook Air sat betweem two tiers of notebooks: the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Price-wise, it was squashed between the two tiers as it was evidently less powerful of the three notebooks. The MacBook Air’s main selling points include its exceptional portability and battery life.

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This time, not only does the new MacBook boast of the thinnest display ever built into a Mac, surpasing the portability factor of the Air, it consumes 30% less energy and is the first fanless MacBook ever, making use of Intel’s Core M processor running up to 1.3GHz. The best thing? All that power only consumes 5 watts of power. We’re sold; although when I say “we”, I really only speak for myself. Our magazine’s main tech writer is by and large still a massive Android fan. How or why, we (I) cannot comprehend.

In case you missed out on the details mentioned above, here’s what you might like to know:
Weight: Less than 1kg
Height: 13.1mm
Price: USD$1299 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
Available: Shipping begins on 10 April

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