It’s happened more than once – you’re out on a sailboat, on the beach or at a pool party. An unexpected swerve, a surprise wave, or perhaps just an errant party-goer drags you into the pool and there you have it. Time of death of your camera: 2.06am. There goes your holiday photos from Greece, that sailing trip off Santorini, memories of Machu Picchu, the crazy time you took a 4X4 and drove through the Gobi. Sure, backing up is one way to ensure your photos aren’t lost forever, but more importantly there goes the loss of your favourite camera, the one which you’ve accustomed yourself to so every single shot renders beautiful images of your travels and wonderful experiences.

Camera makers are no fools, and they’ve gone out of their way to make sure that their expensive devices are as durable and resistant to damage as possible. But for professionals or semi-pros, there are relatively few options, till this year, to explore. Here are some of our top favourites which we’ve discovered, that not only offer weather-proof security, but high durability and ease of use so you can pick up that DSLR and click away, even in the worst of environment disasters. Check out our list of favourites (left) and tell us which you prefer, or if there’s an option we’ve missed out!

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The Ultra-tough Camera
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