Photographer Vincent Paul Yong takes the Huawei P9 on a day out, presenting his unique take of the city.

Photography and styling by Vincent Paul Yong; grooming by Emmy Agung; words by KC Yap

Distinctive in both personal style and artistic flair, Vincent Paul Yong ranks among the most sought-after photographers in the country, as well as a select few who can be counted as true-blue autodidactic household names. The lens-maestro began cutting his teeth back in 2004 and spent the following years mastering his way around the camera and fine-tuning his niche, portraiture, during which he established his practice, Studio Verve. He has since come into his own as a multi-disciplinary visual adept, expanding his metier to incorporate print, digital, concept and design, often underpinned by an edginess, simplicity and peculiarity that make up his signature. His portfolio today arouses both mind and senses with a corpus of street to high fashion editorials, portraits of renowned figures to the everyday man, campaigns and collaborations with such brands as Levi’s, Bell & Ross and Volkswagen.

Often inspired by the city’s dynamic juxtaposition of contrasting elements – nature and architecture, prosperity and poverty, Vincent has pieced together a multidimensional narrative of our urban design in his personal discovery of the Huawei P9 and its revolutionary Leica dual-lens camera of 12MP resolution – while one captures light information in RGB, the other, a dedicated monochrome lens, supplements with further details of outlines and shapes, achieving clarity and colour brilliance unrivalled in the market. When the latter is operated alone, it captures black and white photos live with that classic, emotional appeal that you’ve always wanted.

Having explored the Huawei P9’s photography prowess, including the Virtual Aperture, which gives you that professional out-of-focus bokeh effect that traditionally requires a DSLR, Vincent recalls his experience in the following interview. Before that, here’s a quick look behind the scenes of the photo shoot. 

What are your thoughts on the Huawei P9 built and design?

Right after unboxing, I was immediately taken to the sleek design, luxurious finishing and user-friendly interface. It felt satisfying to know that with a P9 in hand, you gain instant access to Leica technology, the niftiest being the three real-time film mode options, Standard, Vivid and Smooth, each designed to set a different mood. All this is fitted in an ultra slim design that maintains a substantial viewing display yet isn’t too large for a steady grip, which is probably the first step to any good photography.

Tell us about your favourite features, from a professional photographer’s perspective?

The various modes such as the night mode and, in particular, the light painting mode that allows you capture light trails. My other favourite is the Pro Mode option that allows for manual adjustment of settings like the focal point, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure, just like a professional camera. I also love that you can choose to shoot in RAW format, which is handy for a professional photographer, although this disables the zoom function.

How do you compare that features of the P9 to that of a camera?

With a DSLR camera, more often than not you need to remember by heart the settings of a particular “mode” for the same effect or consistent requirement. However, with the Huawei P9, it is preset, and all you need to do is to select it with a touch of a button. That’s how simple and user-friendly they have made it to be. Functional and intuitive. 

Through The Lens-am_il_v1001_i_eea6750ccea3a5deedf6553d799a632437_f873dcd9ece5571846d08f35261da68843
Through The Lens-am_il_v1001_i_41ccb2f33805e29138e581aaa6fdc60606_74a67a196f2138bc6cc510dcde4f8e1608
Through The Lens-am_il_v1001_i_3b133bd461695afefe9d5b84a28796e518_76154e39769d7b8b44281b7197b9ae9751

PRO MODE – Shot in Pro Mode, the three photos above saw Vincent bring into play his expertise with the professional camera and manually fine-tune the settings to the way he saw fit, resulting in the enhanced depth and texture.


Through The Lens-am_il_v1001_i_d1c7e77fced3a1df20750c605bf2aee280_9508953ed9e2db0416337c1fe6600c3d68

BEAUTY MODE – With the help of the Beauty Mode, Vincent photographed the talent in a slightly brighter and more even skin tone. 


Through The Lens-am_il_v1001_i_4299d934fc041a568c67fc4378823dba52_9baa355151e32bd49c1a46bda5a5ccf080

NIGHT SHOT – By intuitively optimizing the ISO and exposure time by itself, the Night Shot function gave Vincent the advantage of capturing the overall clarity in the photo, which could otherwise be affected with blurry and shaky images. The function also allows for manual adjustment without having to go into full manual mode. 

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