Decorating your home can be a huge pain in the ass, if you don’t already have a knack for it. One solution is to leave all the decorating to your girlfriend/partner/spouse. Of course, that comes with having to keep your mouth shut about the stuff they decide to get or risk getting an earful. If you do decide decorate on your own, vintage decorative items are usually a safe bet. There is a plethora of such items out there but listed here are a few quintessential ones. Just FYI, these are pretty kick-ass housewarming gifts too.

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Tin Signs

Apart from being inexpensive and extremely easy to come by, these vintage signs can provide a welcome rustic feel to an office or home. They also make for great collector’s items considering they come in countless variations. Apart from the common Coca-Cola or Route 66 ones, you can find some very interesting and unique versions online.

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Bar Cart 

If you ever come across a vintage bar cart, let us save you the trouble of deliberating. Just buy it. Unlike the tin signs, these carts are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Other than being a huge convenience (you get to roll it around instead of ferrying bottles from the whisky cabinet), these ingenious contraptions can add a touch of class to a room. 


If you haven’t played with a slinky (main picture) before then you haven’t fully experienced life. This precompressed helical spring invented by Richard James is an absolute delight, being able to perform a number of tricks including travelling down a flight of steps. It’s a great toy for the coffee table because of its nostalgic value and its uncanny ability to relieve stress. 

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Rotary Dial Telephone

There’s something so satisfying about dialling a number on a rotary telephone. Yes, you will have to deal with the fact that it is corded but these telephones are classy as hell. Before you go out and buy one we suggest asking dear old Grandma or Grandpa if they still have one of these bad boys in the back of the closet. It may be covered in a thick layer of dust but it still beats having to dish out the exorbitant amounts these telephones are being sold at these days. 

Chess Set

If you consider yourself a gentleman, you need to own a chess set. And we don’t mean any old chess set either. We recommend searching a well-polished wooden, metal, or marble set. Plastic sets tend to look and feel cheap so it’s best to avoid it. Royal Selangor has a few pretty decent sets you may want to check out. It goes without saying that you should also know how to play the game. You don’t have to be a grand champion but some prowess can go a long way.

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