This autumn/winter season has menswear at its most disparate. From the louche to the androgynous, there’s a look for just about everyone. Here are our top grooming styles for this season, hot from the fashion runways, and the products that you need to get the look right. 

1. The Laidback


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It’s au naturale this season at Gucci, and the hairstyles that creative director Alessandro Michele presented were relaxed, untouched, carefree and convenient, much like the advertising campaign that the company presented this season as well. 

USE: Byrd’s Light Pomade

The pomade is a great alternative to clays or waxes, and offers plenty of control without the stickiness that other products may have. It’s light and versatile and and washes out quickly. The Light Pomade offers a very natural feel and is gently scented, keeping your hair smelling fresh. 

 2. Slick It Up

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At Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, the models were coiffed perfectly. The slick, wet and perfectly glossed look may be a little retro, but combed down, is refreshing and youthful. 

USE: A wet gel, such as Hanz de Fuko’s Gel Triq or American Crew’s Light Hold Styling Gel are good options. The former is ideal for thicker hair volumes, with a firm hold that will present a slick look all day. American Crew’s Light Hold option is a better choice if you have fine hair or a thinner volume. 

 3. Cool and Loose

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Brioni showed off another look for men this season, structured but loose in style. Longer locks kept in check by smart grooming products demonstrate the importance of caring for your dressing. 

USE: American Crew Forming Cream

A natural shine styling cream, it contains ingredients such as lanolin wax, which retains moisture and also allows you to shape your hair in any way you like. It also has the benefit of softening the hair shaft, which adds volume to your hair. 

4. Fresh Faced

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The so-called, slightly oxymoronic “health goth” look appears to have disappeared thoroughly this season, with energy and a light beard being some of the common styles in vogue. Get your scrubs and serums out. 

USE: Triumph and Disaster’s Gameface Moisturiser Tube 

Natural oils are best for moisturising and energising the skin, preventing irritation or drying with ingredients such as Jojoba extract, Horopito oil and Ponga Fern. Triumph & Disaster’s moisturiser will ensure your pores stay clean and moist. 

5. Freckle-free

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Sporty formal menswear was at the forefront of fashion this season, and along with that, the sporty and healthy skin tone. Get a light tan, but skip the skin damage that comes along with UV rays our Sun generously supplies. 

USE: LQD Liquid Skin Care Eye Restore

This “elixir” is a cure-all for any and all skin types, particularly if you have severe eye bags. It reduces pigmentation and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Add vigour to your skin with this quick fix that takes all of five seconds to apply. In fact, if you’re generous, we’d recommend using the eye serum on your face as a whole, to enrich the skin. 

Check out these products on Luxola and get 20% off when you shop with Visa using the promotional code VISALX20. This month, Luxola is offering AUGUSTMAN a special promotion as well on Australian grooming label LQD, founded by Anthony McDonough, who was trained as a biochemist and was also familiar with product marketing. The label has a complete range designed for men who engage in outdoor sports but wish to maintain healthy skin. Spend over S$60 on LQD products on Luxola and receive a stylish waterproof gym bag with your purchase. Simply key in the promotional code AMLQD. 

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5 Top Grooming Trends for This Season
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