Tesla expanding its product line into pet care isn’t in our bingo cards, but here we are. Introducing the cat litter box inspired by the Cybertruck.

Meet Tesla’s newest invention: A Cybertruck-inspired cat litter box

Another day, another one of Elon Musk‘s new ideas. Sometimes we wonder what prompts his mind to come up with such revolutionary, riveting ideas, and some days we might be actually bothered to find out. The “Cybertruck Multifunctional Corrugated Cat Litter” is just listed on Tesla China’s website priced at RMB 89 (MYR 56 approx.).

[Hero and featured image credit: Tesla China]

tesla litter box
Image credit: Tesla China

It’s essentially a cardboard box with a big Tesla Life logo in front, and vaguely resembling the silhouette of the front of a Tesla Cybertruck. Roughly translated, the description reads “a futuristic-shaped, semi-open cat litter, made from thick corrugated paper embedded inside to meet the nature and daily needs of cats.” The product is made of moisture-proof corrugated sheets, and requires self-assembly, which is considerably lighter and longer-lasting than your usual cardboard.

This isn’t the only product listed on Tesla’s official website that makes people question the integrity of the creative team, as you’ll find some fun stuff on there, including a pair of triangular-shaped sipping glasses for $75, a “mega mini pack” backpack for $185, and who could forget the Cyberwhistle on sale for 1,000 DOGE coin?

For more information about the Tesla litter box, check out the listing on Tesla China.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

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