We take a look at the various types of watch collectors there are out there.

Besides telling time, a watch can reveal much about its wearer. Though it is an essential tool to track valuable time and helps keep the pace, wristwatches have fallen into a category where it is a product of desire and style—it is an artefact that marks the owner’s identity and personality all together. With so many varieties in the market to choose from, each brand narrows down on expressing a unique identity—ultimately becoming the centrepieces within the wearer’s wardrobe. Thus, we check out the numerous watch collectors and highlight the watches they may go for.

The Style Icon

The style icon
Slim d’Hermès La Source de Pégase

Being dubbed a style icon is simply consequential to having a distinct personal style that speaks to your current place and time. It is someone who is looked up to by many people in terms of style and personality. Though the term is mostly reserved for celebrities or to those with strong cultural influence, we believe it should be extended beyond its realm—especially when someone’s style embodies any sort of cultural zeitgeist. A perfect timepiece for the fashion icon would be the Slim d’Hermès La Source de Pégase. Just like how the wearer oozes charisma and confidence, the Hermès watch is all about essentials—a simplicity mingling rigorous discipline with balanced aesthetics. Featuring a pegasus in bold and brilliant colours, born of the virtuoso skills of the enamelling and engraving artists—the watch is a reflection of the owner’s individuality and unique personality.

The Daredevil

the daredevil
Tudor Black Bay Chrono

Daredevils are like fried food, unhealthy, yet everyone drools over them just because they have balls of steel. They are risk-taking, thrill-seeking men. One thing they have in common is that they put their lives on the line, often with a high degree of recklessness. Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, being shot from a cannon or walking on a tightrope high above a city street—these are just a few things a daredevil would love to do and they often attempt something most people would never dare to try. Like its wearer, the Tudor Black Bay Chrono presents extraordinary robustness and reliability. It is a high-performance watch that was crafted in the purest watchmaking tradition with its performance exceeding the standards set by Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC)— making it the ideal watch for all the daredevil-type watch collectors out there.

The Explorer

the explorer
Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai

“We only live once, why not live it this way” would be the baseline of an explorer’s (these watch collectors) thoughts. If there is something that defines him, it is the peculiar way he faces life. He is someone who is always up for an adventure—constantly searching for that adrenaline rush that rejuvenates their body, soul and mind. He is a person who seeks happiness through new experiences, who likes to live everything in the first person and doesn’t wait to be told about it. He is someone who embarks on Indiana Jones-style outings every other weekend. Similar to an explorer’s love for mother nature, the Hublot Unico Sorai is a timepiece dedicated to protecting the rhinos by donating a portion of the proceeds to a rhino sanctuary in South Africa. Being an explorer by nature means you’re game for anything that challenges your abilities, even if it means conserving the wildlife.

The Businessman

business man
Bell & Ross BR05 Skeleton Nightlum

Being a businessman does not necessarily imply that it is one with an important position in a company or someone who owns a company, it simply signifies that he is a man that means business—be it the way they dress or the way they carry themselves. A trait commonly found in a businessman is how serious and determined they are about what they are doing. He is one that’s passionate about what he’s doing and he knows what it takes to reach the top. While manners do make the man, we believe a watch does too, especially if he is wearing the Bell & Ross BR 05 Skeleton Nightlum—each detail on it has a purpose and legibility, for it is one of the brand’s guiding principles since the very beginning.

The Archivist

Longines Silver Arrow

Archives are for life and for living, and they clearly need good care to ensure their precise and sometimes fragile qualities are maintained. And the best person to make sure its value is well preserved is no one else other than the archivist. These watch collectors are men who appreciate traditions and bygone mannerisms—he is the only reason why chivalry is not dead, at least, not totally. With an eye for ancient pieces coupled with a burning love for history, a timepiece that would be spotted on an archivist’s wrist ought to be the Longines Silver Arrow—as it combines the original aesthetics of its most remarkable historic models with the most modern watchmaking techniques, it is also a tribute to the innovative spirit that has driven Longines’ watchmakers from the outset. The timepiece draws from this expertise and illustrates its durability that reflects the brand’s signature, as well as its consistent desire to honour history.

The Athelete

TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario

With David Beckham’s worldwide popularity sending the demand for the classic Adidas Predator Mania boots skyrocketing back in the early 2000’s, after he scored a goal for England in the 2002 World Cup in them, everyone knows by now how important equipment is for an athlete — whether it is a fitness application that tracks food intake or a simple kinesiology tape. An athlete is typically someone who’s a natural leader, a self-disciplined and resilient man. He knows what he wants and he will set his mind on achieving it no matter what it takes. That includes keeping to a strict schedule, waking up at dawn and keeping track of his daily steps—and what watch would better help mark his workout routines than a TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario Smartwatch. Featuring Super Mario-themed animations connected to the fitness tracker system, it notifies users when they reach a certain percentage of their selected daily fitness goals—talk about motivation!

Artwork done by Lihua

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