Whether you’ve got a long-term partner or have been blessed with your longtime crush’s time, an exciting day out is always welcome. The cosmos can help too — here’s a round-up of perfect dating ideas based on your partner’s zodiac sign.

Our personalities often shape our interests, determining everything from the kind of content we consume to the drink we order at the bar. Naturally, they also have a say in what we’d consider a romantic date. While some enjoy indulging their competitive spirit by challenging their partners to a race, others believe nothing could trump the roses-chocolates-dinner formula.

Considering how our zodiac signs spotlight our most dominant traits, a deep dive into the characteristics of each can help shape the perfect date. Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic who can’t remember their sign, these date ideas might just give you the right inspiration to make your time together more exciting without straying too far out of your partner’s comfort zone. After all, nothing spells charming like a plan that loudly declares its attention to detail.

The best date ideas, based on your partner’s zodiac sign


Date Ideas zodiac sign
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Leading the platoon of zodiac signs, Aries is known to be bold, passionate, and impulsive. This sign never backs down from a challenge and has an unmissable competitive spirit. To ensure they have a good time, plan a date that indulges their fiery spirit. A day spent rock climbing, whether indoors or outdoors, will test their physical strength and excite them. Besides, nothing’s more satisfying than completing a circuit, especially when you’ve got a partner to do it with. Go-kart races are a fun alternative to this.


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This earth sign is classy and enjoys the luxurious things in life. They’re also known to be homebodies, preferring laidback, comforting activities to hours of adrenaline-pumping adventures. To get to their heart, sign up for a day at the spa. We’re talking pedicures, manicures, massages – the whole deal. Nothing says romance to this sign like being spoilt silly. The hardworking earth sign will also appreciate being able to relax and unwind while being able to spend time with their partner. An elaborate home-cooked meal or signing up for a cooking class would appeal to them as well.


date ideas zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy Kdwk Leung/Unsplash

This social, fun-loving, and charming zodiac sign thrives on communication and being around people. They need to be entertained and engaged to stay interested. Their ideal date would involve them putting their active brains to good use. This is why they’d enjoy hitting up an escape room with you and your mutual friends. The excitement of solving each clue in the mystery will keep them going. Be sure to be on the same team as them if you’d like to win. Besides this, Geminis would enjoy trivia nights at a bar or open-mic comedy shows, where they can feed their sense of humour.


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Another homely zodiac sign, Cancer enjoys looking after others and being nurtured in return. This water sign is also the most comfortable around rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Set up a laid back, quintessentially romantic date for them. If you live close to the ocean, there’s nothing better than a leisurely walk along the beach, followed by a picnic with homemade goodies. The sensitive and emotional cancer will be moved by the effort. Don’t forget the wine! Like Taurus, this sign would be down for a cooking class. Another great date idea for this zodiac sign is tickets to an intimate gig with their favourite singer or artist.


date ideas zodiac sign
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This proud and flamboyant zodiac sign likes being the centre of attention. Their ideal date plays to their strengths or puts the spotlight on them. A visit to a karaoke bar with abundant drinks on offer is perfect for this sign. Besides honing their singing skills, karaoke would allow Leos to show off their fun-loving, goofy sense of humour. Get a few great pictures in for their social media feed while you’re there to seal the deal. Besides this, bowling or tickets to a recital or opera, which they can dress extravagantly for, is a fool-proof plan.


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This intelligent and perfectionist zodiac sign likes learning something new. Virgos are also quite practical and grounded, not one for grand gestures of love. An ideal date with them needs to be perfectly planned and involve adding to their already vast wealth of knowledge. Schedule a visit to a vineyard with this sign for the weekend. Not only do vineyards have perfectly planned itineraries with a host of interesting activities, but they’re also enlightening. Your Virgo partner would enjoy discussing politics while sipping wine and learning the difference between the various varieties of grapes. A workshop in most anything like cooking or even sewing would pique their interest as well.


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Libras wear their hearts on their sleeves and are known to be appreciative of art in all its forms. The air sign is also a fashionista and enjoys every opportunity to put an outfit together. If there’s an art gallery in your city or a new exhibit at a museum, sign up for a quick tour or get tickets. The air sign will enjoy attributing stories and emotions to each installation or artwork while expanding their knowledge of colour palettes and stroke styles of each era. Besides, Libras have excellent taste and will enjoy adding to their expertise. This air sign would also enjoy going to concerts, fashion shows, and spontaneous shopping trips.


date ideas zodiac
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This passionate, intense zodiac sign enjoys intimate, intellectually stimulating conversations. They also like quiet time with their partners. That said, this water sign also enjoys adventure and exploration. The perfect date with them would involve pitching a tent in an open space where they can lie on the grass and gaze at the stars with you. Glamping is a great option. To amp things up, look for a spot close to a river or lake. Besides making out constellations and having deep, engaging conversations, Scorpios would also enjoy going to amusement parks and getting their flirt on by signing up for adrenaline-pumping roller coaster rides with their partner.


date ideas zodiac
Image: Courtesy Hayato Shin/Unsplash

The traveller of the zodiac, this sign needs excitement and exploration to feed their adventurous spirit. In fact, being in one place for too long can leave them feeling antsy. To put a sparkle in their eyes, book tickets to the hills or mountains and sign up for a trekking adventure. Bonus points for additional adventurous activities like rafting, zip-lining, or bungee jumping that they can engage in with you. Don’t forget to chalk in some time to sample local cuisine and alcohol while you’re at it. Besides this, Sagittarius would enjoy a long drive to a spot that offers wildlife safaris or horseback riding.


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This earth sign, like Taurus, enjoys the finer things in life. Capricorns are also practical, disciplined, and hardworking and enjoy working hard so they can play hard. To make them feel special, get a reservation at a highly coveted fine-dining restaurant. The traditionalist in Capricorn would appreciate a candlelight affair with expensive wine and delicious food. They’d also enjoy the opportunity to engage in intelligent, long conversations with you. Another great date idea for this zodiac sign is scoring the front-row seats to a highly-anticipated gig or sports event, especially one that they’ve been looking forward to themselves.


date ideas zodiac
Image: Courtesy Berkay Ilhan/Pexels

The most eccentric sign of all the zodiac signs, which calls for equally out-of-the-box date ideas. Amuse them by looking for the nearest quirky museum with strange exhibits. We’re talking anything from witchcraft ingredients to exotic dolls on display that would pique this water sign’s interest. Besides this, Aquarius would enjoy vinyl shopping, film festivals, literature festivals, or even conventions where they can have a conversation with an obscure artist or creator.


date ideas zodiac
Image: Courtesy Timo Brodtmann/Pexels

This water sign is known to be the dreamer, idealist, and romantic of the zodiacs. Their perfect date would have to be straight out of a romance novel, preferably by the water. Rent a boat and paddle around at the nearest lake under the moonlight. You could also have a romantic playlist planned to serve as background music. Add wine to this equation, and you’ll have the Pisces swooning. Other fun date ideas for this zodiac sign include signing up for a baking class or heading to a music festival.

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