Ahmad Faris


From interning as a content researcher at 8TV’s reality travel show The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik, to staying back till 4AM working for Astro Awani, the founder of TAPAUtv found his calling to set up his own online TV station when he noticed that there wasn’t much coverage on the local independent scene. Here, he and his humble team of eight tell the rare stories not often told behind every song by Hujan or Yuna that have topped the local charts over the years. Not only that, TAPAUtv also covers the other industries that make up the local independent scene: film, food, travel, fashion, sports and more.


If there is a local element to it, you bet TAPAUtv is there to “bungkus” (cover) it.


What would you say is the highlight of your career with TAPAUtv so far?

I would have to say, pulling off TAPAUfest in October this year. We first did it in 2014 (and the second time in 2016), and after three years and for the third time, we were able to aim for something more sustainable and profitable, with sponsorship partners that came on board because they share the same belief in the local independent scene. We sold out in three weeks, and the festival was a proper success. I mean, to think that back in 2014, we came up with the idea of TAPAUfest as a one last roll of the dice!


What were the challenges back then that led you to that “one last roll of the dice”?

You always hear people saying, “do what you love”, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s hard to be passionate on an empty stomach. The truth is, it’s not easy financially. But I really believe in what I do. Even if I’m struggling, at least I’m struggling doing what I love. I’m still hopeful that there’s something out there that we haven’t told the world about.


How would you say TAPAUtv has impacted the local indie scene in Malaysia, especially the music scene?

We believe that for any artistes – doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, filmmaker or fashion designer, besides being sustainable and profitable in the long run, all they want to do is get their work out there. Over the years, many media specialising in highlighting them have come and gone, and we feel that if TAPAUtv doesn’t exist still today, it’d be harder for the indie scene to stay alive. Someone has to be around to keep the conversation going; it feeds the artistes and it motivates them to keep doing what they do.


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