Alvin Chong


Kicking off his career as a teen actor since he was 18, Alvin Chong has come a long way. Focusing more on becoming an actor, influencer and also a live performer, Alvin is breaking boundaries and proving that hard work and passion will lead to success. Driven to stay true to himself, Alvin is doing things his own way. He’s released a few Malay-language tracks, which has opened up a new path to his singing career, and also expanded his fanbase to a more diverse one.


As a personality of Chinese race in a multi-racial country, how do you think the representation of your style is considered “appropriate” to all, and why?

What I learned is that if you want to be a public figure, you have to stay true to yourself. Eventually, when you do make it, people will start listening. Like music, fashion is very objective. If you don’t like it from the get-go, you won’t like it from here on out. For me, I’m not going after those sensual vibes, unless it’s what a particular brand or event call for. For the time being, I think the public accepts and looks up to my personal style, but in the future, if I ever plan to change things up, they might have a harder time adapting. But for now, I believe what I’m offering to them is the right thing.


What do you wish to convey to your followers?

Follow your heart. If the style doesn’t suit your personality, it’s OK to turn the other cheek. Also, enjoy every moment of your life, so you don’t look back with regrets. Anything that you have the power to dream of - just go for it, because no one is going to give you another 20 years to make it come true.


Hoodie, shirt and pants by Gucci; TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 automatic chronograph in stainless steel with ceramic bezel and stainless steel bracelet