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Amir Shiraz

Production manager and designer

Amir is a tastemaker and aesthete but not in a way you might expect. Though he is educated in architecture, he is better known for lending his expertise behind the scenes in rousing to life the music videos starring the who's who in the Malaysian and international entertainment industry. He is a production manager and designer by trade. His projects include content under Deniche, PRJ_ and House of Karyawan. And then, there are his sidelines, dabbling in jewellery design, modelling and photography. It is patently obvious, with him, drive and creativity travel in tandem. From his mother, he inherited a keen eye for beauty, and from his father, the discipline to keep things ticking like clockwork. 

What are some of the things people might not know about you?

I love to read astrology and I go through my charts every day. I am Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon and Cancer Rising. On top of that, I like to take apart my bicycles and piece them back together, down to the final bearing. I have also designed and made a peony-inspired necklace with my cousin-in-law, Kina Hassan of Wasis Studio. 

What is the most challenging part of your job?

My most recent project involved 55 production crew members. As a production manager, I am supposed to make things smooth. It is about being able to stay professional while befriending them. I am always the first person to be on-site and the last to leave. That said, with music video production, the long hours last two to three days. After which, I have my own time throughout the rest of the month. For those 72 hours, I only have six to eight hours of sleep. 

What is your take on time management and work ethics? 

It is important to keep track of things. As a production manager, I am there to offer my service to crew members. Everyone is there to contribute their technical and creative inputs. I treat everyone, regardless of their rank, as equals and always respect their work.

Amir wears a jacket and trousers from Ralph Lauren