Ariffin Azmi

Ariffin Azmi

Wealth Manager

Smart, business savvy and in charge of large figures as long as the number pi (π). This experienced auditor has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in financial services, external audit, auditing, financial planning, and financial accounting, the type of math long left behind in secondary school accounting class and has essentially the “411” on finances.

What have you been up to during this MCO and what has it taught you?

It was great, I had more time to read, it’s not something that I’d usually do but it was something to explore, I called my friends and it made me closer to them and my family, especially, my mom, she calls me every day just to check-in. MCO taught me that you need to be patient and this has really made you think that things are really uncertain. I understand everyone is having their struggles and troubles, but I think this is a moment you need to understand, believe in yourself and to have courage.

How do you think people are handling their finances now?

Most people are really in a panic and then they believe rumours, like we’re going to have a second wave of this COVID-19, but it’s our job to convince them that this kind of thing is what makes the market healthy. The market is always up and down. My advice is not only for everyone but it applies to me too, as I practice that ‘Cash is King’. Saving is important as it is a main source but you’ll need others. From savings, you won’t grow your money it will only accumulate in value. Eventually, you’ll need to do investments as well to grow it further and not remain stagnant in the savings account.

Was there any personal experience were you looking forward to this year?

Supposedly, I had three trips planned this year to the Taj Mahal, Los Angeles, and Morocco and because of MCO, it’s all been refunded. I think travelling is everyone’s vision. But for me, I would say let things settle down first. Then I would be convinced to travel again, otherwise, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do this year.


Ariffin is wearing: Suit and shirt by MSGM; Shoes, his own; Breitling Superocean Automatic 46 in black steel with pink-gold details and black rubber strap