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Azfar Azri Farid

Entrepreneur at Forte Global Group

At first glance, it’s obvious that Azfar works out. But physical pursuits isn’t just a pastime for him. He embodies it. No surprise, considering how he’s played rugby since secondary school. He’s even the treasurer for the KL Touch rugby association.

He continues his physical pursuits today through strength training and half-marathons. But don’t let his tough exterior fool you, as Azfar has a soft heart for the environment. His business is focused on sustainability through clean energy production, as well as dealing with the carbon market. Besides that, he also runs a business in smoothie cubes. With such a high-paced life, surely there are bound to be some challenges. And that’s what we set out to find out.

What’s your typical day like?

My work is a bit unpredictable. Me and my partner – who’s based in Canada – communicate a lot online, so that means that our hours don’t really sync up. And I don’t have a set schedule to stick to. I just work whenever. Sometimes it’s midnight, sometimes it’s the morning. I work anywhere too. It gets pretty hectic when you factor in my other responsibilities. But I usually also try to fit in some sort of workout.

With such an unpredictable schedule, leisure time must be a luxury. How do you spend any free time you get?

I love to watch films, and I love all things medieval. Because getting the history right, while having nice settings and costumes is a challenge, and I appreciate films that do them well. Troy is one of my favourites. I enjoy Vikings too.

You’ve been a physical person almost all your life. What lessons have you learned from that?

Discipline and goal-setting. I’ve learned what it takes to be good at something, and I get to practise that every day through sports. Also, the act of setting goals and finding ways to achieve them gives me a good perspective in life. It’s through the pursuit of sports that I got to learn these important life lessons.

Azfar wears a blazer and trousers by Brunello Cucinelli