Bradley Lim

Crypto Content Creator and Community Manager of FIRL Guys

Personal and life coaches are becoming more popular as people realise that they need help in specific areas of life such as finance, fitness, and personal growth. As a certified life coach, Bradley Lim understands that mindset is key to generating results. Thanks to his extensive background as a fitness trainer, Bradley has tremendous insights on the art of personal development, motivating people, and what people need in terms of encouragement and self-motivation. 

On top of making a difference in his clients' lives, Bradley also equipped himself with a number of skills as a content creator. In 2021, he kick-started a podcast titled Mentors Among Us, a platform where he talks to successful Malaysians on how to win at life. Now, Bradley is taking his expertise to crypto content creation, navigating through news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets, and the future of money.

What sparked your interest in crypto content creation? 

I've only been a cryptocurrency investor in 2020. So, I was not one of the lucky people who bought Bitcoin at $700, or even like $10 way back in 2014 or 2013. However, what really interested me was the realisation that there is money to be made in cryptocurrency. That's me being 100% truthful. The more I started investing in it, the more I realised the benefits that it can bring. It's a life changing payment rail for those who don’t have access to a traditional financial system in a bank, it allows people to access the services of a bank that only people in first world countries can use. 

There are two main factors why I’m drawn to it. It’s about potentially growing my wealth, as well as being enamoured of the beauty and simplicity of blockchain technology.  

You have an impressive portfolio as a fitness trainer. Is there a lesson that you’ve learned that has helped you in your journey as a crypto content creator? 

The biggest lesson I take from fitness training, not just training myself but training clients, is that it's a grind. It takes hours and days, and it doesn't end in the gym, right? It doesn't stop when you’re sleeping, because you need to get enough rest to really recover and to achieve the ideal shape that you want. If you don't rest enough, you cannot perform in the gym the next day, the next week, or even the next month. 

I think it's the same with cryptocurrency. Because of how the space evolves at such a rapid rate, what you actually learned this week may be obsolete in the next. What is news may be obsolete in an instant. It's about constantly being up to date, being prepared for whatever that’s coming next. 

What is the key direction that you’ve set for the content you produce? 

I think the number one question we always ask ourselves is, who do we want to serve? In the realm of cryptocurrency content on YouTube as well as the other social media platforms, we realised that a lot of these things are catered towards people that are already in the cryptocurrency room. They tend to make things very complicated. Their videos are often inaccessible for someone who is not really knowledgeable in cryptocurrency. It’s very easy for people to feel alienated when they have no idea what is being discussed in the video. So, we want to target the everyday person, to explain it in the simplest way possible on the definition of cryptocurrency. The idea is to pique their curiosity enough to get them on board to do their own work.


Bradley is wearing a jacket and shorts by FENDI; TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300