AM – MOTY – Brando Lee 2

Brando Lee


Brando Lee is slowly but surely putting Malaysia on the world map when it comes to movies and film. The seasoned director recently debuted his latest effort, the horror flick, Don't Look At The Demon in 20 countries. It also marks the first Malaysian film to get released in the United States. For Lee, the film represents another addition to an incredible and diverse body of work, which began with Chow Kit in 2012 and Gangster Wars in 2013. We can't help but get excited with what this talented storyteller will bring to us next...

What sparked your interest in film. How did it begin for you?

Well, I was exposed to film when I was very young. My mom took me to the cinema back then to watch films like Jaws, Star Wars and The Exorcist. Of course, back then we didn't know what filmmaking was all about. I found out that I wanted to pursue film at a very young age to be honest. I used to love watching Jackie Chan films, especially the outtakes at the end of each film. That intrigued me and inspired me a lot and that fuelled my interest.

What inspires you as a filmmaker?

Having a good story to tell. It has to be something that intrigues or fascinates me personally. It can be any genre too, I don't restrict myself to that as you can see with my previous films. Don't Look At The Demon was my first horror film, and I don't think it will be my last.

How challenging is it going from genre to genre?

Well, it's all about getting the right shot and working within the confines of that theme. It can be a comedy, an action and horror, but its all about who you are working with and how you are going to tell that story, which is the differentiating factor in getting that end product to screen.

So if a big studio comes up to you with a blank cheque for your next film, what story would you tell?

I just can't answer that because there are a lot of considerations. That said, I have a couple of scripts completed now, one of them is a love fantasy drama and it’s looking quite positive, so I am ready to go.


Brando Lee is wearing Wardrobe and Girard-Perregaux Classic Bridges in pink gold, courtesy of The Hour Glass