Like A Sunset

The best moments in life are pure and fleeting. Little things that are easily overlooked by some and viewed with wonder only by those who care to look, and hence all the more beautiful.


You were known for communicating with ARMY actively on Weverse. What kind of energy does online communication give you?

These days, I can’t communicate as often, but I used to want it so desperately that I almost felt I could only breathe when I’m doing it. That’s how much I wanted to meet my fans, but we couldn’t. Online communication was the only way to talk to them, so I wanted to make time to meet them at least online.

That feeling of staying connected mattered.

Yes, I looked at each one of them and thought, “Yes, they are not cyborgs.” Whenever I’m confused, thinking, “Are they real people in the real world?” “Are there really many ARMY fans around me?” I go to Weverse and read their comments, or the letters they wrote, then I go, “Yes, my ARMY are not androids!” (laughs)


A couple of days ago you posted that your MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) result changed from ENFP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving) to INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Prospecting). Does the shift influence your music? I was wondering how your solo mixtape work was going.

One thing I know very well about myself is that I work when I’m given enough time. I always jot down the stories I want to tell. But to tell that story, I think I need at least three months. These days, I’m doing a lot of things and don’t have enough time for sleep… so I don’t feel like making music. I’m putting it off for a while. I think I’ll work very hard on making music when I’m given some free time.

What's left on your wish list as an artist?

I want to write a really good song, one that I can confidently present to ARMY, my friends, or anyone. Sometimes, when I listen to my music after making it and feel that something is not quite right, I throw the whole thing away. So not many songs I wrote recently have survived. My feelings and ideas change often. So, my lyrics and melodies change as well. At some point, I thought this pattern will never end. So, my last wish on the list would be to leave behind at least one song that everyone likes.


To write such a song, what is the essence that makes V who he is? What is that thing that you don’t want to lose over time?

I don’t want to lose my values. I can’t be right all the time, but I at least don’t want to be ashamed of what I do. I guess I only do stuff when I’m sure it is not something I’ll be ashamed of. For instance, when I’m on stage, or making music, or introduce myself. Confidence comes from being proud of myself. This way, I can pave a good road for myself.

I remember you said in an interview that you were mad at yourself for not being able to sing the high notes well when recording Butter, so you practiced a lot. It was quite recent, and you were busy, but you didn’t compromise.

Our songs are high-pitched. My voice is low-pitched. So, I had to work harder than the other members to sing the high tones. If I can’t sing it completely, there’d be no reason for me to stand on stage. I had to practise more than ever to vocalise and sing the high notes in Butter. Practice does pay off.


You seem to find inspiration from within yourself rather than outside.

Yes, I get motivated by myself. When the other members do something easily, I want to catch up quickly. I guess the members drive me forward.

Do you still enjoy taking photos with the film camera?

Not so much, as I don’t get to go abroad. The landscapes I get to see abroad are something new, or something I’d only see online, so I liked taking photos of them. I like that feeling.

Can you share a beautiful landscape you recently enjoyed?

Oh, a sunset that lasted 19 minutes! The other day, I was looking at the sunset and timed it. It became dark in less than 20 minutes, but that 20 minutes was the highlight. I like a sunset more than a sunrise. I often tell my manager I want to stop and catch the sunset on my way home. When I get to see the sunset, that day ends on a happy note. For those 19 minutes, I was so happy.


Apart from the film camera, you’re learning to play the trumpet. You used to play the saxophone, too. You are constantly drawn to classical things.

I guess I’m drawn to “sentimental” things. I am really sensitive (laughs). I’m quite simple in choosing what to wear, in liking old stuff, or art. When I see something and feel, “Wow, that gives me goosebumps. It’s pretty, it’s stylish,” I want to do the same. “That painting is beautiful, I want to draw something like that too.” What I like the most is just to look at those things I enjoy.

What would you want Kim Taehyung, V of BTS and ARMY to be like in 2022?

For the person Kim Taehyung, I want him to stay healthy. For V, I want him to write good songs to sing for ARMY. For me, music videos and songs are interlinked, so I also want to present great music videos for ARMY as they matter as much as great songs. That’s when I come up with great ideas. And for ARMY, I want us to see each other more often in 2022.


Fashion editor: Park Na Na & Cho So Hyun; content editor: Lee Jin Soo; photographer: Ahn Joo Young; stylist: Lee Ha Jung; hair: Choi Mu Jin (Bit&Boot); make-up: Kim Da Reum; 2nd production: Kim Kyung Min; set design: Choi Seo Yun, Son Ye Hee, Kim Ah Young at Da;rak; assistant: Heo Ji Eun; outfits: Louis Vuitton

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