AM – MOTY – Chong Fei Giap 2

Fei Giap Chong


You’ve probably seen Fei Giap’s stunning anime-inspired illustrations depicting Malaysian urban landscapes on postcards, murals and greeting cards. The self-taught and professionally trained artist has carved a reputation as one of the country’s highly-sought after artists thanks to his magical and whimsical digital art pieces. In 2015, Fei Giap and his design partner Audrey Chew put their creative heads together and formed Loka Made. Spearheading the local creative brand has allowed Fei to inject a different perspective on Malaysian elements through his own indomitable creative style and imagination, and frankly, the local art scene is better off for it.

Starting out, were you worried at all about picking art as a career path?

From a young age, I was very into art. I was constantly drawing and doodling but it took a fair bit of convincing for my parents to allow me to pursue art and design. To be frank, I didn’t expect to go that far. I thought I would be a comic book artist or graphic designer, I never thought I would one day start my own studio. In the beginning I was just drawing a salary, working under a studio doing story boards. I did that for more than four years. But the stars aligned, I got together with Audrey and we decided to start our studio because I wanted to do my own story and pursue my own creative vision.

Your illustration and vision is unique, how did you discover it?

It was by accident really. Coincidentally, I always liked those elements of Malaysian life, like life in the kampungs, small towns and villages. I was always a fan of Japanese manga and anime and I loved how they would illustrate their cities and buildings. I thought; why not do something similar with our small towns and villages, because I felt it was interesting.

Are you happy with the people’s reception towards your art?

Well, it’s been 10 years since my first illustration and it’s encouraging to see people are still excited and receptive to my art. We’ve grown Loka Made as a brand, working with brands and partners. Our work has appeared on products and we also have a retail shop in Central Market. It’s a business now and it’s not just about being an artist. That said, I am just happy that I am able to follow my dream and make it a reality today.


Chong Fei Giap is wearing Kit Woo and Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph in stainless steel, courtesy of The Hour Glass