AM – MOTY – Cliff Leong & Zeejay Wong 2

Cliff Leong & Zeejay Wong


As digital printers churn out perfect, machine-made replications on a large scale, designers and consumers yearn for the undeniable touch of humanity that is associated with letterpress printing. Committed to preserving the art of letterpress printing. The Alphabet Press creates bespoke wedding stationery, business cards, event invitations, corporate stationery, postcards, and art prints using the centuries-old printing technique.

Headed by Cliff Leong and Zeejay Wong, who co-founded the bespoke letterpress stationery company with Fidella Ch’ng, The Alphabet Press blends the quality of traditional craft production with the efficiencies of modern industrial processes.

Why is it important to preserve the heritage letterpress printing?

CLIFF: Letterpress printing was the first printing method. It began more than 600 years ago and was the primary form of printing and communication for many centuries. The technique was revolutionary because of its ability to allow information and ideas to spread throughout society quickly and easily, making knowledge accessible to everyone.

Today, printing is still a form of documentation, it's a method of re-documenting information in this era. However, letterpress printing has evolved into an art form. It's no longer a tool for mass production due to the rise of digital printing. The philosophy behind our approach is if we are to utilise letterpress printing in this day and age, it has to be something worth documenting.

ZEEJAY: We started The Alphabet Press because we were intrigued by the history of letterpress printing. Undoubtedly, printing is one of the most significant inventions, and it's important to preserve its legacy in the modern era. I believe that when it comes to the preservation of letterpress printing, it's important that the technique itself is preserved, instead of displaying it in a museum. I believe that it's our calling to not only run it as a business, but to preserve the craft itself.

What's next for The Alphabet Press?

CLIFF: We started The Alphabet Press with the goal of preserving letterpress printing, as well as ensuring that the technique remains relevant within the context of a modern society. To do so, we'll focus more on product development through the usage of letterpress printing – it could be a postcard, a birthday card, or anything through letterpress printing. It's important for us to stay true to the cause, and we believe in the idea that more people can have a piece of letterpress history.

ZEEJAY: On top of developing products, its also our goal to educate the next generation. Even though we have the knowledge, it's difficult to find someone to pass on what we've learned. We hope that we can find someone to pass on the baton, so that they can continue to preserve the craft of letterpress printing.


Cliff Leong and Zeejay Wong are wearing Kit Woo and Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph in stainless steel, courtesy of The Hour Glass