Clinton jerome Chua

Clinton Chua

Singer and musician

Taking pride in his hometown of Miri, Sarawak, Clinton who is now a KL-based singer, also started Kumang Natural - a health and beauty line from Borneo for all. On top of that he more recently ventured into a digital food business named Kolok-kolok. What’s the specialty on the menu? Kolo mee of course. He got involved in the music industry while he was studying, and was a recording artist with a music label in Sarawak, and then had a stint in Universal music too. He even once met and sang to Ariana Grande. Ever the busy bee, Clinton winds down by either singing covers or hitting the gym. His favourite workout machine being the cable tower, which explains his well-defined arms.

Tell us a bit about your other business ventures.

Well apart from singing I’ve a couple of businesses which draw inspiration from where I come from. The first being Kumang Natural, which my friend and I founded to showcase the natural ingredients and the benefits of natural products from Sarawak to the world. We thought it’s a really cool idea because health and beauty plays a big part in our lives. Right now we’re only manufacturing

and selling soaps, but we’re definitely going to grow the line up of products. And the other is just about to start, Kolok-kolok which is an online platform to sell kolo mee, another product from Sarawak!

How have your businesses been affected by the MCO?

Well the MCO has definitely affected everyone. As a performer it’s been very tough; I’ll be having my first live performance with my band tonight, since the MCO took effect. I’ll be performing in Jao Tim; previously I was only doing livestream shows by myself from home. But yea, I was definitely affected as my main source of income is from shows and events, but I’ve been able to sustain myself so far. The good thing is that things are starting to pick up now.

What have you learned from the pandemic?

It’s been tough but I’m holding on to my passion, and riding the wave so to speak. But I’ve also come to realise how important it is to diversify your sources of income at a time like this. Imagine if my friend and I had started Kolok-kolok earlier, it would have been another source of income as food delivery services was still in business.


Clinton is wearing: Hoodie and trousers by Fendi; Shirt and shoes, his own