Fabian Loo


Fabian Loo’s presence in the Malaysian film industry has been quite transparent for the past few years. From doing small acting bits, he has gone on to star in local films like Astro’s Think Big Big as well as short films like Love At First Swipe by JinnyboyTV. Getting the role is never an easy task but with persistence, modesty and a touch of humour, he has won the hearts of many, and has risen to fame with his latest act in the local crime film Fly by Night.


As an actor, what’s the most rewarding thing to you?

I’ve played many different roles, and they all speak of certain truths about different walks of life. So to be able to get the audience to look at the characters I play, and relate to them - it feels amazing.


Did you expect to reach such a milestone? What was your main expectation from this field of work?

On a daily basis, I still do the same stuff from when I started out. I expected to make a living out of just acting, but the influence in the Malaysian film industry is not as strong as those overseas. So, to tell people that I’m an actor, they may think that it is not a tangible career. That being said, being able to put on the table three meals a day now is something I’m pretty proud of. Here’s to hoping for more chicken drumsticks on my plate soon!


How significant is a role that you’re offered to play to you and why?

From an actor’s point of view, Fly by Night is significant to me, because it has more depth to tackle. I had fun exploring the character, because Sai Lo is doing things that we don’t usually say or admit in real life.


What’s the next plan for you?

My first-ever Malay language-based film that’s in the comedy-horror genre will be released in February. My usual gig will still be acting, but I’ll also be doing some directing and writing. You need to instil fun to get the job done; the element of fun is the first step, and also the hardest step in the whole production, so I hope I will be able to find my A-team, and we can tackle different subjects of human life together, while having a bit of fun doing it.


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